Sunday, November 30, 2008

choc a block.

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Happy 23rd Birthday Feli !
May you be blessed with all the happiness you deserve and many more birthdays to come !
Love you sayang !

Had lunch at TGIF, The Curve with my Gombak people yesterday.
The Curve always looks awesome during Christmas season.
Gan treated me to what he called a Graduation lunch. Thank you so much, dear.
Cheryl gave me my first taste of Dome's Choc-A-Block Espreski which was absolute heaven. Thank you sayang. She insists that I should splurge on Godiva.

The outing was a pretty good pick-me-up.
I needed the hugs and laughs.
I especially needed the comforting words and advice.

You really need to know who you can really trust these days.

I predict a (very) hectic week ahead.
I start work at 7 tomorrow. Will be working the night shift (10 p.m. to 7 a.m.) on Tuesday. I just hope there would be no freaky cases or TDM requests that night. *shivers*
I'd be working next weekend too.
I'd be off on Aidiladha though. I think.
I hope.

According to my schedule, I am supposed to be placed in a Health Clinic for two months starting the 6th of next month.
I still do not know whether that's confirmed.

I have been sinfully stuffing myself with everything and anything edible since my convocation ended.
It's like just because I do not have any occasions or outfit to fit myself into in the near future, I am allowed to indulge !

Work is so depressing.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

roti cheese.

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Before I start babbling, I would like to wish my dear brother, Marc, a very very Happy Birthday !! He turned 22 yesterday ! Boy, how time flies, it feels like it was just yesterday that we were hitting each other with a broom. Hee.

His birthday fell on the same day I had my convocation, Alhamdulillah. I am now officially a graduate. Hee.

I must have been super excited.

Thank you for being there, Daddy !

I was so touched that she came.

Oh how I miss Nanab.

Wouldn't have got through it without you, babe.

I returned my robe yesterday itself as I was gonna be working today so I could not take extra photos with me in it.
I am still waiting for the photos from Zana's camera.

I was so touched that Akey came.
It was her first time driving to Shah Alam.
She drove me back to Presint 11 last night, and was responsible for forcing me into posing for these photos below. Hee.

I had breakfast and early dinner with Mr. Sunshine today before he headed back to his hometown.
Roti Cheese at Restoran Al-Naz Maju at Presint 9 is the bomb.

That's all for today.
I need to get to bed as I have work tomorrow. Sigh.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

lunch and dinner.

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I just had my dinner.
I had rice. Yes, rice. With chicken.
I was not planning to eat, I was already lying on my (thin) mattress talking on the phone to Mr. Sunshine when my housemates knocked on my door and insisted that I joined them for their late night dinner.
"Lissa jangan tidur lagi tau, kitorang nak masak, Lissa kena makan gak. Kitorang sengaja beli ayam banyak sikit, memang untuk ramai orang makan. Lissa kena makan gak !"

I also had rice for lunch today at the JKWP Pharmacy Scientific Conference *yawns* I attended.

So yeah, I am just hoping I would be able to squeeze into my kebaya this Wednesday.

Speaking of which, I am a bit sad that Marc and Lene are unable to be present to see me (all sweaty, I presume) in my convocation robe. Lene has her Literature in English paper that afternoon and Marc has to send her to school.
Daddy would be there, InsyaAllah. Akey said she would try to make it too.

I guess I can't go to bed just yet.

I wish I did not have to attend tomorrow's session. Blergh.

Nothing much has changed in my working environment.
I still hate it.
So it's best that I keep mum about it.

I am anticipating a get together with my Gombak people next weekend.
I just hope I don't break down in front of them, so I better make sure the word 'work' does not pop up.

Hmm, I love fried anchovies. Nyum.

I need Mummy.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

weekdays, be gone !

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I can't believe it's already Sunday.

I have been pretty occupied since last Friday.
Mr. Sunshine drove down to be with me on my hunt for a kebaya (for my convocation) last Friday, to watch Quantum of Solace along with Diana and her fiancee, Hanan that same night, plus to go to Eizera's wedding and Annisa's 25th birthday party yesterday.

I feel awful as I know he must be very exhausted from the all that travelling (and all the above), but I still had to put him through my sudden bursts of tears every now and then.
Oh sigh.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

I wished he did not have to go back.

I wished I do not have to work so that I could just follow him wherever he goes.
Now I know that's a bit irrational, but I abhor my working environment so much that there is not a single moment that goes by without me thinking of quitting.

I am happy that two of my closest friends, Diana and Annisa have finally been introduced to Mr. Sunshine.

Quantum of Solace was not as good as Casino Royale, in my opinion. It did not suck though. Come on lah, how can it suck when it has Daniel Craig in it ? *drools*

I was glad to be able to meet up with some of my classmates at Eizera's wedding, and to hear that most of them are actually enjoying their work.
Good for them.
The wedding was lovely.

Annisa's birthday party was sweet although Mr. Sunshine and I had to make an early exit (we did not even get to eat the birthday cake !). Annisa was gorgeous as usual.
Happy Birthday darling !

Photos are being uploaded on my Facebook as I am typing this, and as I am not in the mood to resize them right now, I would not be uploading them here anytime soon.

need my Gombak people.
They always know how to lift my spirits up, even if it was just for one night.

I hate Mondays.
And Tuesdays.
And Wednesdays.
And Thursdays and Fridays.
*vomits blood*

Gosh, this blog is in dire need of a happy post.
Unfortunately I don't see that happening for the next 11 months, at least.

Okay, bye.


Monday, November 10, 2008


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I just moved in to my room in Presint 11 yesterday afternoon.
So this morning would be the first day of work on which I did not have to wake up at 5 a.m.
It is definitely much much much less tiring albeit the stress level being the same.
I go to work with Nor, another fellow PRP from UIAM who is a friend of my ex primary schoolmate. I think I mentioned that before, didn't I ?
She (Nor) lives in the same building, just four floors below the floor I live on.

Work has been so-so lah.
The out-patient department is busy most of the time and I am so bloody slow in screening the prescriptions. Although some of the FRPs tell me that it's normal to be slow in the beginning, I cannot help but feel like the dumbest person there.

Hold on.
There's an incoming call from Mr. Sunshine !

OK. I think he is mad at me for not having anything substantial to eat today.
I had biscuits awhile ago and I am not the least hungry at all.
I had dinner yesterday and I still feel stuffed.
Plus all I can think of right now is going to bed.

It is pretty cool to have a room all to myself.
There are a few more things I need to buy for this room. But all that has to wait until I get my second pay. I have not even gotten my first, and there's already so much future spending to do, and not to forget debts to pay.

OK, I am not exactly in a very good mood right now (when am I ever in a good mood, you might ask, but I do have my happy spurts).
I have realized that the more people I get to know, the more I learn that we are all surrounded by a good bunch of insensitive assholes.
It doesn't matter how smart you are (or how smart you think you are), there is a HUGE difference between positive criticism and demotivating remarks.
You don't just lash out at someone just because she's soft spoken or not as aggressive as you are. You've got to face the fact that some of us are slower than others, not stupid, just slower.
And at your age, shouldn't you already know that each and every one of us come with different characters and personality ? Not everyone are extroverts like you.
To see you undermining someone (who I happen to know all this while as quite a jovial person) to the point of them breaking down is absolutely absurd.
Are you aware about what other people think about you or what they say about you behind your back ?
You (and whoever's in the same league) are just ridiculous.

Lene will be sitting for her SPM starting tomorrow !
I know she'll do awesome. *smiles*
All the best little sister !
I know she's 17, but she'll always be my little sister.

Have a good week ahead, people.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

sixty four.

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Daddy turns 64 today !
Well, actually he turned 64 yesterday (imagine that, two of the most important men in my life share the same birth date !) but his official birth date is today as arwah Atok registered his birth a day after.


Stay around forever, please ?


Saturday, November 01, 2008

dearest encik gigi besar ku.

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You're finally 23 !


Love banyak banyak and lots of sloppy kisses from,
Saya yang comel. *smiles*