Sunday, February 22, 2009

tarzan in town.

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Tarzan in town.
Uhuh, that's the name of the water game I had to play at
the hospital's Pharmacy Department Family day at Desa Waterpark yesterday. That and a couple more games which is why my arms and legs are so freaking sore right now.
The whole event was not as bad as I expected it to be, I was hesitant to go actually. But it went okay I guess. I had quite a good time.

My lappie's with Trev, he's gonna give a try at reformatting it. I hope he can, I need to get started on my research. I just got the topic I have to work on. I'd be doing a retrospective study on the impact of Novomix 30/70 on glycemic control.
I should have started days ago actually, but my lappie has been giving me problems. So yeah.

I'm so dead, I know.

I lost RM 50 last Friday.

I've finally got a new (cheaper) place to stay ! Just when I was about to give up looking, I came across this ad online. It's a single storey semi-D in Desa Pinggiran Putra. I'd be renting a room only, of course. If all goes well, I'd be moving in next weekend.
The problem now is I have to look for someone to rent the current room I am in.

I miss the boyfriend so much. We haven't been able to have a decent phone conversation for quite some time now. I've always been too tired or too cranky. Sigh.

I seem to have forgotten where I put my new white coat. Ergh.

Next month I'd be in the clinical unit. I'm so very nervous because my clinical knowledge is so weak you would be wondering what I studied for the past six years. Sigh.

I wanna watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button lah.

I am in dire need of a Girls' Day/Night Out/In.


Sunday, February 08, 2009


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So it has begin.
It's a sad fact that running away is not an available option.
Double sigh.

I hate that it's affecting my social life.
I am starting to feel like curling up in my bed and detaching myself from everyone.
Daily tear-filled phone calls to the boyfriend have also started.
I despise this side of me.

This is only temporary. But it's already feeling like forever.
I can do this.
Can I ?

I wished I was as strong as you, Mummy.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

all cried out.

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I have two more days at Tanglin and on Friday I'll be back in Putrajaya.
I am trying my very best to keep my spirits up.
I am starting to think my best is barely enough.

Chocolates are evil.
Not only do they give you that much needed orgasmic endorphin rush, they also leave you (okay, maybe only me) with this huge guilt of having consuming so much of them.
Bad chocolate, bad !

It has been almost a year since Mr. Sunshine and I got together. A month to it being a year, actually.
It's hard to believe as I never thought we would even pass the six months mark. I mean, I was still hung up over the ex when we first got together, I thought it was gonna be (another) rebound relationship.
But, Alhamdulillah. *heart smiles*

I bumped into Heikal last Friday when I was out with Mr. Sunshine. We exchanged hugs and had a short talk.
It was good to meet him after all that had happened.
It's nice to know we are still on talking (and hugging) terms.

I have people telling me that I have to be more thick-skinned.
I need a lesson or two on how.

My PMS symptoms are slowly dissipating. I think.
I'm back to my normal moody self.


Sunday, February 01, 2009


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I absolutely do not know how to park a car.

I took a good 15 minutes reversing and driving into a parking space to adjust my parking but it all proved futile.
About 5 cars thought I was reversing to get out of the space and started turning on their signals to park at my spot. I kept waving at them to let them know I was not going out but I guess they could not see. I think it's the window tint.

In the end, I put on a huge pout and and turned to the boyfriend and (almost) screamed, "Tolonglah park kan !!!!"

Dah tak reti nak park nak marah marah orang lain kan.
Mesti lah weyh. Takkan nak marah diri sendiri macam orang gila.

He took about a few seconds to get the car straight and in the box.
Am I that dumb ?



steer away from me.

Currently feeling: Moody
Currently listening to: Nothing

My menses is due soon and I have been PMS-ing terribly for the past couple of days.
The boyfriend came down to see me (I love him !) last Friday.
Apart from his attempt to stuff me with food all the time, we watched Bride Wars yesterday night and the movie sort of triggered my already active lacrimal glands. I was bursting with tears while saying things like, "I want a best friend like that ! I don't even have a best friend ! Mummy wanted to be at my wedding, my convocation ! I miss her. I don't know how to live without her !" etc etc etc.


And after the movie, we bumped into the brother and his girlfriend, my cousin and a few other friends at Murni. My eyes were still swollen and my nose was still red (obviously) from all the unnecessary crying I did, that my brother asked me what was wrong with me.
I just told him that a movie got me a bit emotional.
Well, it was true lah.

Then after sending the boyfriend off at Hentian Putra this afternoon, I was back to crying again.
I suddenly felt so alone.
So down that even my chest hurt.

I got back and read an email that was sent to me a few days ago and started crying (this time while cursing) again.

This is sure exhausting !