Monday, June 30, 2008

target and radar.

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Let me start off with showing you people what made my day today.

Click to enlarge, if you're curious.
Comellllll jeeeee tauuuuuuu ! *heart smiles*

Well, that and also that I just got paid today. Alhamdulillah. Wheeee !
Even though it's not that much after giving some to Daddy, Marc, Lene and putting aside some for medical purposes, but I guess it's self sufficient.
Nak belanja orang tak mampu lagi la weyh. Hee.

The last day of the NTV7 Futsal Carnival was yesterday.
I was a bit sad to see it all end because I was really enjoying my Sunday job.
So after this there'll be no more the oh so hot Edward calling me in the middle of the week to confirm things, no more giving out football cards to people, no more picking up balls and passing them to people, and no more annoying kids (and adults) hogging the inflatables.
I can say that it was a great experience and I don't mind spend every Sunday of my life doing just that. Haha, okay that's a tad overboard la kan.
A few pictures from yesterday.

The Hot Edward. (I hope he doesn't read my blog)

Sweet Jonathan.

The Target and Radar girls, as Jon would put it. Hee.

The sister.

I saved the best one for last.
Mr. Sunshine showed up yesterday !

He was in Shah Alam sending his sister to UiTM but I didn't expect him to drop by.
Sweet, kan ? *heart smiles*
But poor him, I could only spend around 15 minutes with him, and I spent it with babbling nonsense. *blushes*

Daddy, Marc and Lene are out for dinner.
I kinda regret not going along with them because I'm actually in need of food right now.
Tummy hurts.
It's for the better, I guess.

The family and I had a kenduri kesyukuran at Shah Alam last Saturday night.
It was for Marc and I, for completing our Degree and Diploma.
I had two servings of rice and chicken that night. Yeah, two.
I don't usually have even one, kan ? But it was so yummy and since the kenduri was for me, I couldn't just not eat, right ?

I've gotta say this, it's really hard working around people who say things like, "Kamu dah cantik, tapi kalau kurus sikit lagi cantik." or "Kurus sikit la, nanti boleh pakai kebaya cantik." or even "Pantangla sikit makan tu, nanti nak kahwin muka dah tak cantik baru tau."
Can I be blamed for getting (very) worked up over remarks like that ?
Depressing okay.

Marc's going for a minor surgery tomorrow.
I think Daddy and Lene would be taking him to the hospital.
I, on the other hand, have to work. *rolls eyes*

Okay people.
Wish me luck in getting through the hunger pangs !


Saturday, June 28, 2008


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Kak Siti's in the hospital. Her pregnancy's giving her some complications.
We went to visit her after I got off work yesterday.

I'm gonna spend my weekend working.
As a matter of fact I'd be spending the next eight straight days working.
I'm not complaining, just blogging.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


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Took the day off today.
Was feeling exhausted, sleepy and lazy.
Oh, and emotionally disturbed.


radical or xenical ?

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I'm stuffing myself with yogurt right now.
I know it's almost 1 a.m. but I'm hungry la okay.

My day at work yesterday was a dreadful one.
Partly because I wasn't really in the jolliest mood.
Also because I had to deal with a few annoying customers.

Scene 1
Woman: Adik, bagi makcik ubat warna oren tu.
Me: (There's like so many orange coloured tablets/capsules okay, woman) Ubat warna oren yang mana, makcik ?
Woman: Ala yang makcik selalu beli tu.
Me: (Okay, if you selalu beli you would know that I'm not selalu here and I've never seen you before. Ergh.) Hmm, makcik makan ubat tu untuk apa ?
Woman: Alaaa, yang makcik selalu beli kat sini tu !
Me: Hmm, ye la, but makcik makan untuk apa ? Sakit ke ?
Woman: Ha ye ye, untuk sakit-sakit ni.
Me: (Ergh, you could've told me earlier la kan.) Okay, (takes tablets) yang ni kan ?
Woman: Ha ye la.

Scene 2
Man: (Brings two bottles of repacked calamine lotion to the counter) Ini berapa ringgit ye ?
Me: (Are you like blind, the price is right on the bottle.) *smiles* Hm, RM 3 satu.
Man: Ha, if saya beli dua untuk RM 5 boleh ?
Me: (Ergh, you think this is the pasar malam is it ?) Hm, I'm sorry, tak boleh la pakcik, yang ini kami dah repack punya, memang dah murah.
Man: Ha kejap-kejap. (Walks out and talks on the phone and comes back in) If you bagi dua untuk RM 5 memang I beli.
Me: (Feels like punching him in the face) Pakcik, memang tak boleh la. I'm sorry.
Man: Hm, tak payah la macam tu. (Goes out and slams the door.)

Scene 3
Woman with botox-overdose face: Nak Radical, radical.
Me: Radical ?
with botox-overdose face: (Huge sigh, rolls her eyes) Yang untuk kurang lemak itu.
Me: Xenical ke ?
with botox-overdose face: Ha.
Me: (Shows woman Xenical) Yang ini ke ?
Woman with botox-overdose face: Bukan la bukan la. Mana you punya boss ha ??
Me: Dia keluar sekejap. Hm, Reductil ke ? (Shows her Reductil)
with botox-overdose face: (Huge sigh, rolls her eyes, again) Yes, this one.
Me: Okay, satu strip ?
with botox-overdose face: Ya.
Me: That'll be RM**
with botox-overdose face: (Hands me the money and takes the strip)
Me: Thank you. *smiles*
with botox-overdose face: (Huge sigh and rolls her eyes, AGAIN and walks off)

STUPID, right ?

Okay, glad I got that off my chest.

Work at the NTV7's Futsal Carnival last Saturday was fun, though. Been with them for the past three weekends already and this Sunday would be the last one. Sobs.
Mr. Sunshine came down on that day. He was there with a couple of my classmates. I was so happy to see them, Mr. Sunshine in particular. *heart smiles*
He helped snap photos of Lene and I.

The sister and I.

A sweaty me.

My arse and the Speed Radar Cage.

Isa, Me, Syafiq and Arief.

Thanks for coming, you guys.
And Sunshine, thank you for the wonderful night.
Love you.

Argh, work tomorrow, gotta get to bed.


Monday, June 23, 2008


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Daddy's younger sister, Aunt Che' Dah passed away yesterday morning.
She had ovarian cancer.
It's sad as she found out about her condition just a few weeks ago.
She used to take care of Marc and I when we were in primary school and she was cool in the sense that I could talk and joke around with her without having to worry about getting scolded or anything.

I don't deal with death very well.
Especially cancer related ones.


Friday, June 20, 2008


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It tickles me sometimes to see how some people try to be so discreet about buying Viagra (and all the other drugs in the same group).
There's nothing to be ashamed of, really.
One in 10 men in the world have erectile dysfunction.
And there's nothing wrong with wanting to have good sex and satisfying your partner.

Daddy thinks I've been over exercising.
I just think I need a good dose of glucosamine sulphate.

Yes, working at the pharmacy has this effect on me.

It has been a month and a day since I last had McDonald's.
A pretty amazing feat considering that I spent most of my exam days stuffing myself with all their calorie laden yummylicious food.
But now I'm craving Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. And large fries. And Chicken McNuggets.

I feel constipated.
Very unpleasant feeling.

Tummy's growling.
I better get to bed before I start thinking about food.


Thursday, June 19, 2008


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Mr. Sunshine has internet connection now.


Okay so I just forgot what I wanted to write about.
*straight face*


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


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"Yeah, don't gain some more weight, you're short."

Now tell me how do you love yourself again ?


Saturday, June 14, 2008


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Well, hello.
I am exhausted. I have been working for the past six days at a pharmacy nearby. The same one I did my Community Pharmacy attachment at more than a year ago.
Will be doing so temporarily until I get my posting letter/call/email or whatever.
I haven't been updating because by the time I get back home everyday I'd be so F-ing wiped out and all I have the strength to do is sleep.
I blame the lack of exercise too.
My stamina's gone, man.
I never used to be like this.

Akey dropped by last Saturday evening, as I was clearing up my pig sty room.
I was all sweaty and smelly, but we still talked for almost 3 hours before she had to make a move.
It was really good getting to talk to her.

I have nothing much to blog about, except for I miss hanging out with my Gombak people. Sigh.
Must find time (and energy) to meet up !

Mr. Sunshine and I haven't met each other for more than 2 weeks now.
Crazy, right ?
Well, to be honest it's not as bad as I expected it to be.
We still make an effort to talk to each other every night. And he has been sending me sweet letters (two so far), so it's all good. *heart smiles*
But hey, I do miss him like gila banyak, okay !
I wonder how things would be if we ended up in different hospitals in different states. Argh, just the thought of it scares me.

It's really nice to be home.
Especially when I haven't been able to be around so much for the last 2 semesters.
To have Daddy wake me up in the mornings. Hee.
To have Marc making me laugh all the time.
To have Lene laughing at my silly jokes.

Speaking of the sister, this is a conversation between the two of us which happened a few days ago while we were lying down on my bed:

Lene: (sniffing her armpits vigorously) Smell my armpits, smell my armpits !
Melissa: (Puzzled)
Marlene: Really ! It smells good ! (sniffs armpits again) Palmolive !
Melissa: Hahahahahahahahaha !

Oh, Gan, thank you so much for this. *heart smiles*

I guess I'm off to bed now.
I have a talk (on God knows what) to attend to with my boss tomorrow. *yawns*
Fortunately there's buffet lunch after that. So that's something to look forward to. Haha.
Have a good night everyone.


Friday, June 06, 2008

need advice on your medication ?

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I got through all of my papers.
And I am officially done with my degree !
Like, finally !
Six years of ups and downs and downnnnns !

Mummy, even though you're not here, I know you'd be sooo happy for me, kan ?
Thank you for your faith in me.

To Daddy for your never ending love, support, prayers and advice,
To Marc for keeping me sane whenever I'm on the verge of breaking down,
To Marlene for being there for me, giving me hope and encouragement through almost everything ! ,
To Akey, Gan, and Diana for believing in me when I did not, for never allowing me to give up, and for helping me get through the shitty times ! ,
To Zana and Nanab for everything we have been through together for the past four years,
To Adam for being such a sweetheart.,
To my extra special friends (you people know who you who are) never looked down on me when I felt like everything around me is crumbling down,
To Mr. Sunshine for all the time spent studying with me, for wiping my tears and holding my hands when I let the stress get to me,
And to the rest of the people who has been there for me all this while,
I thank you all from the bottom of heart !!

Sangat surreal okay !
Someone pinch me, please.

Eh, Pharmacy bukan senang tau !



Thursday, June 05, 2008

cough cough.

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This *coughs* cough of mine *coughs* *coughs* is never going *coughs* away, is it ?


Oh, darn it.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008


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The internet has finally come to its senses !

I received a love letter all the way from Batu Pahat today.
Sweet, kan ?

Daddy's still not well.
I'm feeling better, although my throat's still annoying me.

It's funny (and amazing) that people actually believe the sister when she tells them that I'm 17.
And that she's 24.


if only.

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Life's sad.
If only... I was smarter, not stupid, happier, more trusting blablabla.

Because of you, I find it hard to trust, not only me but everyone around me
Because of you, I try my hardest just to forget everything
Because of you, I don't know how to let anyone else in
Because of you, I am afraid.

And this is just the least of my problems.


Monday, June 02, 2008

marc's convocation.

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I've been wanting to blog since last Saturday night but,
1. The internet connection has been pretty shitty lately. Is everyone else experiencing the same situation ?
2. I have been pretty caught up with things, and
3. I'm down with fever and an irritating sore throat.

Marc had his convocation last Saturday !

I'm so very happy for him. The fact that he's doing his degree right now also makes me even happier !
I always get all emotional during convocations. Okay, I've only been to two, the previous one being the ex's. But still. Anyway, pictures !

Diana got engaged last Saturday too.
I couldn't make it to the occasion due to Marc's convocation lah kan.
But I went over to her place later that night just to see and congratulate her.
It's sad that I didn't get to see her all dolled up.

I was working yesterday and as a result of standing the whole day, my whole body and feet are aching like hell. Also, as a result of the weather, I came back home, having a fever. I think Daddy and Marc (they haven't been too well lately either) might have also passed the flu bug to me.