Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what would you do...

...if you have spent weeks planning to attend something pretty important over the weekend, registered for it, booked transportation tickets etc. then you find out TWO days before, that on that very same weekend, there will be a two-day meeting at which attendance is compulsory ?

I want to cuss so badly right now.


tsunami alert !

Some of the reports are saying that the magnitude was 7.9.

Did any of you feel anything ?
I was driving home around that time so I did not.

Mintak dijauhkan, Ameen.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

think it's the end of the world for you ?

Watch this (some of you might already have), and think again. :)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

aidilfitri 1430H part 2

OK so I guess I am no superwoman.

I worked the night shift on Friday night, then had a few hours of shut-eye then headed to Aunty Maziey's place for her usual Raya open house yesterday.
I am currently working, and am feeling fatigued.

Just look at how I was looking like when everyone was happily enjoying the open house.

Half asleep while filling my glass some more.

Ok was not actually half asleep, this was a candid shot and my eyes blinked. 

Despite feeling terribly sleepy, I did not have any trouble going for seconds (and thirds) at the dining table.
While Faiz was talking about his battle to resist food during this Raya season, I was happily gobbling down mutton, chicken, paru, prawns, beef and rice. 
My diet always starts tomorrow, you see. :)

I did not get to snap a lot of photos while I was there for a few reasons. Firstly because I was tired, secondly because I did not have that much time on me and lastly because I was not exactly looking my best due to the lack of sleep, my eyes look horrible in every photo ! But here are some..






I took a half an hour nap (after eating, I'm so smart ! *straight face*) but I have a feeling it is barely sufficient.
Maybe I need to start taking some jamu or herbs for energy and vitality ?

I am sooooooo sleeeepppppyyyyyy !
Four more hours to go.


Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am not enjoying the fact that I am back at work and have loads of unfinished business.
Business that could have been settled if I did not choose to procrastinate.

But I am just lazy and full of excuses and I don't think that's gonna change anytime soon.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

aidilfitri 1430H

Hi hello.
Whew, it's Thursday, 5th day of Syawal.
Time sure flies.

Here's how my Raya went so far.

1st Syawal.

At home before leaving for Shah Alam.

In Shah Alam.


Marc displayed his paternal skills. 



 Daddy being bullied by Rashid. Hehe.

 Alya and I acting cute. Yay ! Hehe.


A couple of attempts, and this was the only one which had most of Daddy's face in it. Hee.

 At Baby's.



2nd Syawal

Marc, Lene, Linn and I went to watch The Ugly Truth at One Utama.


4th Syawal 

 Akey knows how to tempt me.



I also went to beraya from house to house yesterday and had a karaoke session while I was in my kebaya !

Mr. Sunshine had to be back in Kemaman on the 2nd day of Syawal. So I did not get to pay a visit to him and family in Batu Pahat. :(
I am hoping that there would be a chance for me to do so before the month of Syawal ends.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

eh, dah raya ?

I can't believe it's Raya already !

Spent the last day of Ramadhan at home for buka with Marc and Lene.
After buka, we went out to pick Linn and headed to PKNS for a last minute baju kurung hunt.
I had no intention to buy one, but seeing the three of them getting themselves baju Melayu and kurungs, I ended up getting myself a pair too. It's more of something I am planning to wear to work, not my baju Raya. Murah sahaja. :)
I am pretty content with wearing whatever I currently own.

Mr Sunshine dropped by to see me on his way back to Batu Pahat last Thursday night. He brought me a chocolate cake. *hearts smiles*
I was so moved.
I was happy.
I was sad as well.
I have to thank him for all his effort to pick me up.

Things have never been the same since Mummy left.
And who am I gonna kid, things will never be the same.
There would not be any more staying up to boil ketupats and blend ingredients for her rendang.
There would not be any more sneaking down to steal her home made cookies in the middle of the night.
There would not be any more open houses with her spaghetti, pizza, pandan lychee cake and awesome pineapple tarts.
There would not be any hanging of Raya cards and duit raya packets all around the house together.
There would not be any more baju kurung hunts together.
There would not be nagging from her to get the house cleaned up.
There would not be a chance for me to kiss her hands anymore.
There's just no Raya.

But, Aidilfitri is a day of celebration and forgiveness.
I'm sure Mummy would want us all to stay happy.
I'm sure she knows that not a second goes by without her appearing in our thoughts, minds and prayers.
Things will never be the same, but they do not necessarily have to be bad, don't they ?
I want to try to make this Aidilfitri better than the previous ones.
I need to crawl out of this emotional shambles.

Salam Aidilfitri 1430H.
Maaf Zahir dan Batin. :)


Friday, September 11, 2009

what hurts the most.

I feel so embarassed with myself right now.
I made a fuss over nothing awhile ago.
Well, obviously initially I thought it was something.
My lappie played tricks on me earlier tonight.
I realized that I could not log in to Blogger because when tried to key in my email, after typing the letter 'u', the utility manager kept popping up. Thought it was a problem with Firefox but the same thing happened when I tried to log in using IE.
I reacted how I usually react when I am in a 'crisis',
(and also because I was on video call with Mr Sunshine), by crying.
I was thinking about all the things I have saved in this lappie of mine, I depend so much on it and I cannot afford to have it reformatted or have a virus/trojan attack. :(
I thought my Kaspersky was not working, I repaired it.
I even used System restore. *rolls eyes*
But the problem did not go away.
I was whining on and on to Mr Sunshine.
By that time I was already at work (I am at work now), and then only it started to hit me, it might be something to do with the keyboard shorcut function (duh).
Managed to solve it by deactivating the natural keyboard shortcuts.


I apologized to Mr Sunshine for my incessant whining and making him google this and that. Hehe.
But he's such a darling lah, layankan only my serabut yang tak tentu pasal. *heart smiles*

While I was rearranging my documents and photos on my lappie, I have noticed that I have been taking less and less photos nowadays.
There are times when I simply forget to even take out my camera when I am out. *gasps*
The last time Mr Sunshine came down, we did not take even one photo. Not one.
I do not know what's happening to me but I am not liking it.
It's so sad because I love photos and the memory they help preserve.
Oh sigh.
So from today, I vow to try to become my old self, a camera whore (?).

A few snapshots during Ramadhan.
No food pictures though, sorry, they usually immediately enter my gastrointestinal system before I have a chance to take any pictures of them. *blushes*

Buka with Sal at Secret Recipe, Sogo.

Buka with Ann at Carl's Jr, MidValley Megamall.

Buka dessert. Nyum ! :)

Tired faces of the sister and I.
We were stuck in a jam for more than two hours and berbuka a bit late at OldTown, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

Stumpy and I after buka at Nando's, MidValley. :)

Almost a week left to Aidilfitri, InshaAllah.
I have bought some cookies and kerepek for the family.
I'm kinda in a somber mood, the same kind that has been lingering for the last three Aidilfitris.
I know that we're supposed to be happy and grateful on Aidilfitri, but I don't know, I guess everything has not been the same anymore for the past 3 years.
I yearn to feel the excitement of buying or tailoring baju raya, having guests over and visiting friends' and relatives' places.
These days I don't even buy any new baju raya (I'm just gonna wear the ones I have), and if possible I do not want anyone to come over (no offence to anyone). Because it takes me back to how things were, and it's just too painful.
I'm sure some of you (or maybe all) would think I am overreacting.
But that's just how I feel. Have you lost your mother ?
Honestly I have lost the spirit of Raya. Sedih.

I miss your rendang, almond london cookies, pineapple tarts, pandan lychee cake, you nasi lemak.
I just miss everything. :'(

Seven more hours to go. I'm sleepy.


Sunday, September 06, 2009

what's heard.

Officer J: Oh so you're from *** ?
Provisional Officer: Yeah.
Officer J: That's a very political place, right ?
Provisional Officer: Errr, how do you know ?
Officer J: I have been working with the government for years now lah.
Provisional Officer: Ohh ookayy.

Officer A: How's *** ?
Provisional Officer: Well, the place is ok lah, but...*cringes* hm you were there too, right ?
Officer A: *smiles* Yeah, it's the people lah, the office politics so terrible lah there.
Provisional Officer: Yeah, tell me about it. *pouts*

Oh well, what does not kill you makes you stronger.



I do not want to go back there.