Thursday, July 31, 2008


Currently feeling: Pained
Currently listening to: Music - Mariah Carey

As of tomorrow, I am officially unemployed.
I was a tad emotional at work just now, not because it was my last day but because it was today that I managed to finish reading Marian Keyes' Angels and the ending actually brought tears to my eyes (laugh all you want). I was also in tears when a lady, who during her last visit to the pharmacy had gotten to know about Mummy's passing, came and while stroking my arm she said, "Kesian dia dah tak ada mak tau" to her friend.

I hope SPA or KKM won't take too long to send us those offer letters otherwise they'd have to deal with my slow-working brain cells.

Looks like I'm gonna be fairly busy for the next three days with a dentist appointment, a dinner with the Gombak people, a dinner with the family and a one-whole-day (or half) date with Mr. Sunshine.

Then it'll be Monday where I need to start fasting as I have another six more days to ganti. Not to forget, another thirty days of nazar.

My whole body's aching.
I long for a massage. *hint hint*

So now I can finally laze around at home like most of my classmates.
Woohoo ?


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Currently feeling: Annoyed
Currently listening to: Brightly Wound - Eisley

I dozed off the minute I got back from Jusco.
Daddy, Lene and I went there for dinner right after I got off work just now.
I was supposed to exercise, not sleep.
The after effect of that is I am feeling pretty very shitty right now.
And FAT.

I have two more days before I can start bumming at home which is something I am so looking forward to.
I doubt I'd ever have a chance to do anything of that sort once I start working.

Still no news about the posting whereabouts or date.
I hate waiting OK.
Just let us know lah kan !

It's bloody warm tonight.


Friday, July 25, 2008

premature baby.

Currently feeling: Flabby
Currently listening to: Wishing I Was There - Natalie Imbruglia

Mr. Sunshine told me he wanted to take a half an hour nap, two hours and fifteen minutes ago.
I don't know whether I should be waking him up, he must be exhausted.

Today, a customer came in asking for something that both Gary (my boss' brother) and I couldn't understand. Then he said, "Mak saya selalu datang sini beli." and gave us this you-should-know-my-mother look. It was funny because both of us just stared back at him while he repeatedly claimed that his mother is a regular at our pharmacy.
Come on lah kan, did he expect us to look at his face and then get a picture of how his mother looked like or something ?

Don't worry people, you'll only have to bear with these kinda stories until the end of this month which is another six days.
After that, you people will have to read about my whining and complaints about my real job. Can't wait eh ?
*evil laugh*

Speaking of, rumour has it that we would be getting our posting letter next week and we'd have to report for work on the 15th of August.

My face is breaking out like mad.
What's this on my chin ? What are these on my forehead ?
Ergh. Euww.
My unhealthy diet is to blame, I know.
I told you my body needed detoxification.
But chocolates and (fried) chicken are too hard to resist lah.
How now ?

I asked the sister whether she would give up meat to save the planet.
Her answer was, "No. We're all gonna die anyway. Plus, they're alive for us to eat. If we don't eat them and let them reproduce and reproduce, what will happen ?"
Now you see why I love my sister ?
She made sense to me.
I was hoping she said no.
I wasn't ready to give up my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe or Ayamas' Spicy Drummets or Ayam Penyet or KFC. OMG, KFC !

Kak Siti had to undergo an emergency operation yesterday morning to save her baby. Her placenta broke down, and if they were an hour late, she might have lost the baby. Scary, isn't it ?
The baby's 7 months and two weeks premature. Oh, it's a girl and she's still under observation in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).
I hope everything goes well for Kak Siti and her first child.

Life's so fragile.

Hmm, I think I should wake Mr. Sunshine up.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Currently feeling: Low
Currently listening to: Shackles - Mary Mary

I was awakened by knocks on my door this morning.
Daddy came in saying, "Kereta rosak lah." with a huge sigh.
Again ? I thought to myself.
He asked me whether I could pick Lene up from school.
I said okay.

I was disturbed just looking at Daddy's frustrated face.
Funny that I had this happy dream about me being able to be around all the people I love and everyone was just so happy. You were all in my dream last night, you know.
It didn't help that I also woke up realizing that my silver necklace snapped.
I managed to save the pendant, thankfully.
It was a gift from Mr. Sunshine.

I left the house at around 12:35 p.m. Lene finishes school at 1 p.m.
I refused to bring an umbrella along because I just don't like the idea of carrying one around. I once had to buy an umbrella because it was raining but once it stopped, I threw the umbrella away because it was just so leceh to hold.
I planned to take a bus or a cab to school but when I reached the bus stop, I just felt like walking.
I need to de-stress. Or so I thought.
I walked down by the lake. Then suddenly these thoughts of abduction, rape and mug cases (which are so rampant these days) started to cloud my mind.
I held my bag tightly and close to me and walked as fast as I could. Before I knew it I was sprinting down the lake.
I am paranoid, I know.

Walking to school brought back some good memories.
I was literally walking down memory lane.
I passed by Barath's house and smiled to myself as I was reminded of the Debate Team.
A vivid recollection of the walks and talks (and selingans) we had made my heart smile.
I miss school.
Okay, I think I just miss my Debate Team.


It took me around 20 minutes to reach school and I was all sweaty when I was standing at the side of the drain (gasp !), waiting for Lene.
These school boys are pretty cute.
I felt old.
On the way back with Lene, we passed a few school boys who were apparently amazed by the size of my bust.
To be honest, I don't really know whether they were referring to my bust or butt size, but their remarks still made me feeling like slapping their bloody shit brains out.
Breathe, Melissa.

Bumped into Bryan on the way back and he gave us a ride home.
Thanks dear.

Gosh, I miss my Gombak people (including the ones who are no longer Sri Gombak residents) !

I've been on leave since Monday.

I sent my lappie for repair and went to UiTM to submit a copy of my MUET results on that day.

I got to spend time with The Best Friend and Mr. Sunshine.
The Dark Knight left me feeling uneasy and scared. Don't ask me why.
It was a good watch, though.
Heath Ledger was awesome.

The Rabbit and The Duck.


Will be back to work this Friday and I'm going to get my lappie back tomorrow.
They told me they changed the motherboard. Okay so the last time I sent it in for the same problem, they fixed the LCD screen, and now it's the motherboard ?
I don't trust these people.
My warranty expires at the end of this week and I think this is a part of their scheme to either get me to extend it (and fork out RM 298) or come back to them and pay for (expected) future service.

My appointment with the dentist just now wasn't a pleasant one.

Oh, I had a night out with Annisa last Thursday night.
Yummy Carl's Jr. I LOVE the fries, okay !
We enjoyed ourselves by taking pictures of our glowing faces.

That's all for today.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

stretch marks.

Currently feeling: Anxious
Currently listening to: Back To Black - Amy Winehouse

Hi all.
As some of you might know, I have experienced a very somewhat traumatic experience with drains a huge drain.
For those of you who don't have any idea about what I'm referring to, please click here.
So yeah, as a result, I have became a person who would rather take the long route around drains than walk across them.
But today, in an attempt to chase a customer who stupidly took the merchant copy of her credit card receipt, I ran, yes ran across the road and, JUMPED across a HUGE drain !
When it hit me that I just did what I did, and my heart started racing so fast I thought I was gonna collapse. I'm not joking, okay.
Who knew I could leap like that, eh ? You guys should have seen me in action. Haha.
But no worries, I'm alive and still in one piece. No bruises whatsoever. Hee.

I tried squeezing myself into my gold (coloured) kebaya earlier tonight.
The top fitted (it always did), but this time I managed to fit into the sarong.
(Okay, so I can't really recall whether I could fit into the sarong the last time I tried it on lah actually) I was feeling on top of the world when I could zip the sarong up, but (I hate buts), I realized that I couldn't walk, sit or, erm, breathe with it on, if not the zippers would just snap.
More work to be done on these humongous hips of mine.
That would be my goal then, to fit into my kebaya's bottom without being stick thin.
I love my curves.
Did I just type that ?

The downside about losing (and gaining) weight is the stretch marks that come with the pengembangan and penguncupan of my body.
They're disgustingly everywhere.
There you have it, one good reason for men not to date me.
I have stretch marks, guys.
Oh, and cellulite too.

Okay, enough body bashing.

Zana told me that the UIAM pharmacy graduates have already gotten to know where they will be posted.
A friend of mine (who is a graduate too) told me the same thing.
They'd be reporting for work on August 1.
So early hah !
Gosh I'm soooo anxious !


It would be perfect if I had a tub of ice cream with me now.
With nuts.
And chocolate fudge.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Currently feeling: Okay
Currently listening to: Citadel - Anna Nalick

Marc's back in Shah Alam as he's no longer on medical leave.
But poor him, I just received a message from him saying that he's still in pain.

Today an unusual number of people came to the pharmacy to buy pregnancy tests.

I am feeling somewhat normal.
Not too happy not too sad.
I guess that's okay, right ?
I just have to keep reminding myself to breathe and to not be too hard on myself.
Which is pretty hard to do when you're working with the kind people I am working with.

It's already So far, there's still no news about my hospital posting and the anticipation is no good for me.

I miss my Akey.
I miss having yummy home cooked meals at her place and staying up and talking until the wee hours of the morning.

I secretly wished I could write like the sister.

Has anyone ever tried TruDtox ?
This has nothing to do with me wanting to lose the extra pounds, okay.
But I just feel like giving it a try for its 'body cleansing' claims.
I checked it out at Watson's the other day and it costs RM29.50 for a box of five sachets.

I think I have just realized the importance of getting enough sleep.

Oh, I HATE the toilet at my workplace.
It has FAT worms crawling all around. Yucks.

It just occurred to me that it has already been more than a year since The nasty Break Up.
I think I'm doing okay.
What do you think ?
To think that 12 months ago, I thought I wasn't gonna be alive around this time.
His mum and sister still calls me once in awhile, though.
And he has sent me a couple of messages too.

Hmm, I wonder how my hips got this huge.
I'm blaming them (my hips) for my bad knees.

Daddy has been so engrossed in watching this Chinese TV series on NTV7 for the past few days.
He's cute.

Okay lah people, I'm gonna check on Daddy and Lene.
Bubbye !


Monday, July 14, 2008


Currently feeling: Fat
Currently listening to: Music Box - Mariah Carey

Sometimes I tend to worry too much to the extent that I start thinking about the unthinkable.
Thinking about the unthinkable gets me all agitated and stressed up.
If only my brain could take a break, have a Kit Kat or something.

I had a terribly boring day at work today.
The weather was gloomy and so was my mood.
I avoided making small talk with anyone today.
I just sat at one corner, with not very pleasant thoughts running through my head.
It literally gave me a headache.

I want to get married.
I honestly do.
Who's interested ?

Chocolate is what I need now.
Or maybe I just need sleep.

Have you ever wished things were simpler ?


Sunday, July 13, 2008


Currently feeling: Stuffed
Currently listening to: Private Party - India.Arie

So how's this for a revamp ?


Saturday, July 12, 2008


Currently feeling: Melancholic
Currently listening to: Stand Up For Love - Destiny's Child

Here I am, at home, watching episode after episode of One Tree Hill and chatting with Mr. Sunshine (not that it's a bad thing).
But I could have been at Trevor's place having a ball of a time !
Sighhhhhhhh !


I was out with Adam for dinner last night.
I had this !

My favourite burger, with TWO chicken patties !
Oh sangat sedap okay !

Mr. Coco, thank you for dinner, donuts and the M&M's !
We shall try to catch a movie next time, okay ?
Oh, and thanks for being such a great friend.
Love you lah !

I'm getting really bored of my blog layout.
It needs a revamp.
I need a revamp !

Something is not right with my lappie !

I think I need to go slow on the exclamation marks.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

blood type.

Currently feeling: Bored
Currently listening to: I Need You - LeAnn Rimes

Today at work I had to deal with:
a) One guy who tried to read me, as in tried to guess my character as a person (and even my blood type). Even though he was right about a few things, I don't really find strangers trying to interpret how I am, amusing.
b) One guy who tried to hold my hands more than a couple of times while I was checking his glucose and blood pressure levels. At first I thought he was afraid of being poked during the glucose test, but he can't be afraid of the blood pressure monitor's cuff, right ?
b) And another who tried to read my breasts instead of the display showing how much cash he had to hand to me. And mind you, I wasn't wearing anything revealing.


It's not even 11 p.m and I'm feeling sleepy already.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

short messaging system.

Currently feeling: Angry/Sad/Irked
Currently listening to: Nothing

My day today sucked with a capital S.
*fake smile*
That is all.
Thank you.


Monday, July 07, 2008

being bald is sexy, right ?

Currently feeling: Perplexed
Currently listening to: Lullaby - Shawn Mullins

Gosh, it's been awhile since I've heard this song.
Brings back sweet memories.

I am balding, people.
It's no joke or drama.
I am seriously balding !
My friend cum hairdresser agrees with me.
Would anyone of you walk around with me if I was hairless ?

Today a young boy came to the pharmacy asking, "Akak, nak racun satu."
Although I knew that he was asking for a cream (the container had the word 'racun' on it), I still felt like laughing. Okay, so I did laugh actually. *blushes*

While I'm typing this, my anti virus has detected 7 viruses.
And it has only been scanning 26% of my hard drive.
I should be worried, shouldn't I ?
I know I should worry about my lappie's screen.
It has begin to act like it did a few months ago. Ergh.
I'm sending it to the service centre before the warranty ends.

Everything's gonna be alright, rockabye, rockabye.


dear marlene.

Currently feeling: Sleepy
Currently listening to: Look What You've Done - Jet

Woohoo !

I'll treat you to some Bulgogi Jungsik early next month, can ah ?

Love you !


Saturday, July 05, 2008

lead me on baby.

Currently feeling: Fat
Currently listening to: Wherever You Will Go - The Calling

Okay everyone, I have officially found a new love.

It's Ben Barnes.

Did you know he was in this boy band called Hyrise around four years ago ?

I forgive you, Ben darling, for those cheesy moves because you sound soooo gooooood. Yummy yummy.



charlie's angels.

Currently feeling: Okay
Currently listening to: Tender - Blur

I guess I really needed tonight.
Was out with Annisa and two of her cousins.
I'm exhausted yet energized.
Does that make sense ?

I miss my Sunshine.

I need to watch a movie, people.
Sila lah ajak saya ye, thank you.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

love handles.

Currently feeling: Tired
Currently listening to: Love Will Tear Us Apart - Fall Out Boy

...I hate them and I wished there was a way to zap them away in a few minutes.

Marc's finally out of the hospital but he's still in pain.
Poor him.

I received another love letter today.

I'm too tired to rant on.