Thursday, April 29, 2010

is age just a number ?

It feels like ages since I last updated.
I have been busy growing old. Hehe.

So, I turned 26 two days ago.
As I am aging (gracefully, hehe), I no longer can pull an all-nighter, be it to finish my work or just to stay up and watch my favourite DVDs.
These days, my bedtime is almost always before midnight.

So as the morning of my birthday arrived, I was already zonked out as usual.
My eyes could barely open when I felt someone shaking my body.
I thought I was dreaming.
It was Mr Sunshine, of course.
I could hear Happy Birthday by The Beatles playing, which further convinced me I that I was in a dream.
But the shaking did not stop.
I tried my best to open my eyes, and I saw a cake right next to me !
Almost three quarter of the candles had already melted. It took that long to wake me up. :p

So yes, another sweet surprise by Mr Sunshine, which I was not expecting at all.
I was already happy with my Elliptical bike. :))

Sleepy yet happy me cutting my cake. :)

 My blueberry cheese birthday cake ! ♥

He even downloaded loads of birthday songs to play at that hour. :)

I could not have asked for any other way to kick off my birthday ! :))
Thank you Mr Sunshine ku !

Mr Sunshine and I took a couple of days off last week to head up to Genting Highlands !
The plan from Day One was to go to Cameron Highlands but after checking out the rates and considering that will be a 8-9 hour drive from here, we moved to Plan B. :)
Why Genting and not any other places ?
Because I was craving the cool hill breeze. :)

We had super loads of fun up there !
Showed off our muscles.

Trying out our luck. Did not have much of that though.

Practiced our shooting skills.

Mr Sunshine got addicted to the basketball game. I don't blame him. He was pretty good at it.

I was terrible at almost everything, except for the kids' shooting machine and kids' cycling machine. No kidding, I was so good I actually wanted to go on playing for hours, but then I got a bit embarrassed. Haha.

We collected a huge bundle of tickets which we used to redeem a picture frame, a cute coin box, a Genting magnet (haha) and a whistle. Yes, a whistle because we were left with a balance 20 points and that was the only item which costs 20 points. :p

We had a blast at the outdoor park too.

Don't have pictures of us on the rides lah kan.
I have always loved rollercoasters and being able to get on the Corkscrew and Flying Coaster again was so exhilarating !!
There was also the Space Shot. Getting on it reminded me why I told myself I would never be on it ever again back in the year 2000. I hate it when I can't scream properly, which is exactly what happened. I opened my mouth and nothing came out except funny sounds because I was trying so hard to place my butt back on the seat at the same time !
Was that a bit too hard to comprehend ? :p

I went on the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride for the first time. I was bowing down so that I would not get so soaked but I ended up being thrown towards the front of the ride. I knocked my head pretty hard. It hurt for the rest of the day. :(

Entered SnowWorld for the first time too.
Maybe we weren't properly covered up but we were out of there before wayyy before our session ended. My jaw was frozen. And Mr Sunshine was already sneezing.
Macam mana nak migrate ni, sayang ??

Of course all that energy needed fuel.
We stuffed ourselves to the max !

Steamboat buffet at HotPot. The tomyam soup was a bit too oily for my liking. I don't think I'd be going back there again.

We had Marrybrown. No photos of the food there because it was lousy. We still found ways to entertain ourselves. :))

Baskin Robbins was heaven. I rarely get to eat my favourite Pralines and Cream these days. :(
And Wednesday was Pink day ! Anyone in pink gets two scoops of ice cream for the price of one ! I felt so lucky !

It's good that I brought my tripod along, so that we could take shots like these.

On our way back home we stopped in Kuantan to catch Kick Ass, which was pretty funny. Though, I think it should have been called Hit Girl because she was awesome. Hehe.

After that we did not go straight back home, out of the blue we decided to spend a night in Cherating ! We were fortunate enough to get a room at Suria Cherating Beach Resort at a very reasonable rate.
And again, we put the tripod to full use before checking out. :)

Hai Peng Kopitiam in Kemaman was our last stop. :)
I used to go there every time the family and I made trips to Cherating, so it brought back good old memories of when Mummy was still around.
I love their kaya toast buns !

That pretty much sums up the whole (happy) trip. :))
There are many. many more photos but I'm just too lazy to torture all of you today. :)

Before I end, I would like to thank everyone who took their time to call and send me birthday comments, messages and tweets !
You guys are great ! Thank you for making me feel so loved ! ;D
Smooches from me. :)


Friday, April 16, 2010

an early birthday surprise !

I am beaming from ear to ear while I am typing this.

Last night, Mr Sunshine told me he wanted to play a game with me before he leaves for Port Dickson today.
I seriously thought he was kidding, so I smiled and nodded.

Then he handed me a small blue envelope.
In it was a piece of paper and the letter A.

Yes, the letter A.
The piece of paper read "American Idol@8.00 pm Wednesday STARWORLD."

It took me a minute to realize that it was a clue to something and that I was on a treasure hunt !
Mr Sunshine had hid 6 other clues and I had to look for them !

I suck at these kinda things. Seriously.
And last night proved me right.

Did you get the hint to where the next clue is ?
I was looking under the Astro decoder and remote. -____-

The second clue was actually behind the telly !

Got it ?
For some odd reason I thought the next hint was at the balcony. -____-

The answer was in bed !
You know when you go to bed you can dream about anything and everything ? :)

Next !

Ok so this was obviously easy.
The next clue was stuck behind the sofa. :)

When I read this, I immediately ran to the kitchen because the window there was the only one we did not hang curtains on.
*slaps head*

Did any of you guess computer ?
Then you're absolutely right !
Tingkap = Windows (XP, 7, Vista). :)

I rummaged through all the shoe boxes we had.
I was about to give up when I decided to look in my Power (from BATA) running shoes.
And there it was !

Ok, this was tough.
I watched Doraemon when I was (much) younger but I do not remember that much.
Especially not about a time machine.
I was sweating and itching for running all around not knowing whether I was on the right track.
I pouted hoping Mr Sunshine would give me a heads up on where to look but he kept giving me the 'lips-zipped' sign. -___-

I resorted to googling up "mesin cahaya masa Doraemon" and I got my answer !

Click to enlarge please.

Thank you Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu.

I started looking in all the drawers in the house.
Then, I found this in our closet drawer.

Next I had to rearrange the alphabets that came with the clues, to get to my BIRTHDAY PRESENT !!!!

Yes yes, my birthday is still a fortnight away but Mr Sunshine wrote in the card that he had to carry this out wayyy early due to unexpected turn of events.

Managed to solve the puzzle ?


Both Mr Sunshine and I went down to his car.
I did not want to go alone, biasa lah, mengada. :)

A nicely wrapped box was placed on the car's dashboard.
Mr Sunshine drove me around Kuala Berang while I excitingly opened the gift.

Again, in it was a piece of paper, this time it was a bigger piece.
In my head I was going, "Oh no, I thought I'm done with running around !"
But it was actually a receipt.

FOR AN ELLIPTICAL BIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people from the store called Mr Sunshine yesterday afternoon telling him that they will be sending the machine today so that's why he had to bring forward the surprise.

I was in tears lah as usual.

I am getting something from my wishlist !
(Not the same brand but it's still the same thing !)

I am so happy !!
I am so touched !!
I am so so so in love !!

And yes, it arrived at my doorstep about half an hour ago. :D
It's a two in one elliptical bike, with a body fat, BMR, BMI and calories burned calculator.

I can get a workout while watching my favourite TV shows !
Now there's absolutely no excuse for me not to exercise ! :D



P.S: Mr Sunshine is already on his way to Port Dickson. He also left me with Season 7 of One Tree Hill to keep me company while he's away. ;D


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

you make me happy.

Happiness comes in many forms.
In the company of good friends,
in the feeling you get when you make someone else’s dreams come true,or in a promise of hope renewed.
It’s ok to let yourself be happy,
because you never know how great that happiness might be.
Sometimes pain becomes such a huge part of your life,
that you expect it to always be there,
because you can’t remember a time in your life when it wasn’t.
But then one day you feel something else.
Something that feels wrong only because it’s so unfamiliar,
and in that moment you realize you’re happy.
(Lucas Scott)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

my personal masseuse.

I am home alone.
Mr Sunshine is out watching football with an old high school friend and will probably be back around midnight.
I am bored.

Boredom must be good for me as I managed to work up a good sweat.
For half an hour.
Well, better than nothing, right ?

This shoulder pain that I have been enduring for the past one month has been partially relieved thanks to this thingamajig.

Mr Sunshine came back one day last week and surprised me with it. Hehe. I know chocolates or flowers are staple surprises, but to me this was super sweet as his intentions were to not see me in pain anymore. Or to hear my constant nagging about it anymore. Hehe.

I can be my own masseuse !
This helps a lot as I have been hesitant to go to a masseuse, because I am not too comfortable being naked in front of strangers. Hehe.

It comes with those two small adaptors for massaging different parts of the body. :)

See how blissful I look ?
Haha. Really cannot go (translated: tak boleh blah !) !

Thank you so much sayang !

Oh and thank you for making (a simple AND sweet) dinner when I was in pain.

Delicious Maggi Goreng !
We can start thinking of opening our own mamak stall now. Hehe. :D


Thursday, April 08, 2010

hot tag.

Tagged by my sister in-law (woah, I have in-laws !)

1] Adakah anda merasakan anda hot?
Tidak. Tapi saya memang cepat hot, cepat naik angin.

2] Upload wallpaper pc/laptop anda gunakan sekarang?

3] Cerita pasal gambar ini?
Ini gambar candid saya bergelak ketawa bersama Daddy, Marc and Marlene ketika trip ke Kenyir pada Tahun Baru Cina yang lepas. Gambar telah di-snap oleh suami tersayang. :)

4] Kali terakhir makan pizza
Pada 20 Mac 2010. Makan Chunky Loaded Pizza yang tak loaded langsung, di Pizza Hut.

5] Lagu terakhir aku dengar?
Smile yang pernah dipopularkan oleh Charlie Chaplin. :)

6] Apa anda buat sambil menyelesaikan tag ni?
Menonton Paul Blart Mall Cop di HBO sambil menanti kepulangan suami membawa Satay Jabi. Hee.

7] Selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil nama apa?
Kaklong, Long, Cruella

8] Tag lagi 5 orang siapa yang anda nak tag.

1. Swit@kon Sanctuary
2. Firzara Fairyland
3. Basikal Tua
4. Something of Sesuatu
5. Bedazzled

9] Siapa orang nombor satu bagi anda?
Senior saya semasa di Sekolah Menengah Hillcrest. :)

10] Katakan sesuatu pada orang no.5
You can get through this ! It's only a year ! :)

11]Nombor 3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
Saya. Hee.

12]Kata-kata cinta kepada nombor 4
I miss you ? :p

13]Berikan 5 yang anda tahu tentang orang tag anda

1. Suka blog
2. Dah tengok Adnan Sempit banyak kali
3. Nak diet walaupun dah cukup kurus
4. Suka snap snap gambar
5. Belajar di FSPU, UiTM Shah Alam
(Betul tak Syahieda ? Hee.)


waiting to exhale.

I need to calm down.

Breathe, Melissa, breathe.


twists and (re)turns.

It's so unbelievable that you are so oblivious to the fact that almost everyone talks shit bad about you.
You are so special to them that they even came up with a moniker for you.
It's incomprehensible how you can go on doing what you do when everyone around you are slogging their arses off.

I am slowly starting to despise you.
I hope I do not turn into a hypocrite.


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

you're a selfish piece of crap.

Dreadful with a capital D.
That was how today felt like.

I'm starting to have thoughts about getting out of here.


Monday, April 05, 2010


Looks like I won't be making my way back to Gombak alone this month after all. :(
After much deliberation, both Mr Sunshine and I have decided that it's best for me to stay put rather than trouble anyone here or there to pick me up and drive me here and there.
We also need to cut back a bit on the expenses this month as both cars are due for service.

It's kinda depressing but it's for the best, I guess.
I really really honestly miss my friends. :(
We will be going back at the end of the month (InshaAllah) to attend a mutual friend's wedding.

The Clinical Pharmacist Documentation Workshop I attended last week has left me feeling rather stupid.
I do not think I am good enough to be a Clinical Pharmacist.
I can choose to console myself by thinking that it's a learning process, but frankly speaking, I do not feel like I have it in me.
Depressing nya !
And this is just the effects of a documentation workshop.

Tomorrow I'd be attending a one-day Methadone Replacement Therapy Course.
I have been having this persistent pain on my right shoulder. It has been going on for more than a month now.
It's perpetually painful, fluctuating in severity.
Today it was pretty bad. :(
People at work keep telling me to get a massage and get it fixed before it worsens.
I keep hoping that I wake up one day and it will magically go away.
Foolish, but..
..I don't know.

I'm feeling a bit lightheaded.
Good night.


Friday, April 02, 2010

farewell ina !

Photos from dinner last Tuesday and at the office on Thursday.

With the Strawberry cake Mr Sunshine and I got for her. :)


When Manchester United meets Chelsea.

The happy expecting couple. :D


With the rest of my colleagues, the pharmacists. 
Kami Pegawai Farmasi U41 Hospital Hulu Terengganu. :)



April is my favourite month.

I will be turning 26 next month, InshaAllah. :)

Early last month, Mr Sunshine asked me what I wanted for my birthday.
I have prepared this post to make things easier for him.
So sayang, brace yourself ok ?
Don't worry, I have managed to narrow them down to a Top 5.

This comes in fifth. I cannot promise I won't get bored of the same routine everyday, but it's not so harsh on my already bad knees and joints and I desperately need the exercise !

I just super love this because it's RED.  Hot red ! ♥

In third place, something that I have been wanting to splurge on since before we got married. I want to be able to smile as wide as I can ! Thanks.

I just want this in order to be 'in'. Everyone who is anyone has one. I think I deserve one too, don't you think so ? I am your wife, aren't I ? Hehe.

And last but definitely not least, the numero uno thing on my wish list.
Honestly, I can survive without all the above, but this is just something that I would absolutely be lost without.
Hence, you have no choice but to get me..

...YOU. ♥

Ok ?
Bye !