Friday, April 16, 2010

an early birthday surprise !

I am beaming from ear to ear while I am typing this.

Last night, Mr Sunshine told me he wanted to play a game with me before he leaves for Port Dickson today.
I seriously thought he was kidding, so I smiled and nodded.

Then he handed me a small blue envelope.
In it was a piece of paper and the letter A.

Yes, the letter A.
The piece of paper read "American Idol@8.00 pm Wednesday STARWORLD."

It took me a minute to realize that it was a clue to something and that I was on a treasure hunt !
Mr Sunshine had hid 6 other clues and I had to look for them !

I suck at these kinda things. Seriously.
And last night proved me right.

Did you get the hint to where the next clue is ?
I was looking under the Astro decoder and remote. -____-

The second clue was actually behind the telly !

Got it ?
For some odd reason I thought the next hint was at the balcony. -____-

The answer was in bed !
You know when you go to bed you can dream about anything and everything ? :)

Next !

Ok so this was obviously easy.
The next clue was stuck behind the sofa. :)

When I read this, I immediately ran to the kitchen because the window there was the only one we did not hang curtains on.
*slaps head*

Did any of you guess computer ?
Then you're absolutely right !
Tingkap = Windows (XP, 7, Vista). :)

I rummaged through all the shoe boxes we had.
I was about to give up when I decided to look in my Power (from BATA) running shoes.
And there it was !

Ok, this was tough.
I watched Doraemon when I was (much) younger but I do not remember that much.
Especially not about a time machine.
I was sweating and itching for running all around not knowing whether I was on the right track.
I pouted hoping Mr Sunshine would give me a heads up on where to look but he kept giving me the 'lips-zipped' sign. -___-

I resorted to googling up "mesin cahaya masa Doraemon" and I got my answer !

Click to enlarge please.

Thank you Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu.

I started looking in all the drawers in the house.
Then, I found this in our closet drawer.

Next I had to rearrange the alphabets that came with the clues, to get to my BIRTHDAY PRESENT !!!!

Yes yes, my birthday is still a fortnight away but Mr Sunshine wrote in the card that he had to carry this out wayyy early due to unexpected turn of events.

Managed to solve the puzzle ?


Both Mr Sunshine and I went down to his car.
I did not want to go alone, biasa lah, mengada. :)

A nicely wrapped box was placed on the car's dashboard.
Mr Sunshine drove me around Kuala Berang while I excitingly opened the gift.

Again, in it was a piece of paper, this time it was a bigger piece.
In my head I was going, "Oh no, I thought I'm done with running around !"
But it was actually a receipt.

FOR AN ELLIPTICAL BIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people from the store called Mr Sunshine yesterday afternoon telling him that they will be sending the machine today so that's why he had to bring forward the surprise.

I was in tears lah as usual.

I am getting something from my wishlist !
(Not the same brand but it's still the same thing !)

I am so happy !!
I am so touched !!
I am so so so in love !!

And yes, it arrived at my doorstep about half an hour ago. :D
It's a two in one elliptical bike, with a body fat, BMR, BMI and calories burned calculator.

I can get a workout while watching my favourite TV shows !
Now there's absolutely no excuse for me not to exercise ! :D



P.S: Mr Sunshine is already on his way to Port Dickson. He also left me with Season 7 of One Tree Hill to keep me company while he's away. ;D



s.y.a.h.i.e.d.a said...

along dr kecik mmg suke maen treasure hunt..ha3x

N.S. said...

Alaaaaa comellnyaaaaa!!! happy becoming bdayyyy to you!!~~~ :)))) selamat berbasikal heheheh

basikal.tua said...

sweet gila... warghh.. jelesnya i..
boleh gitu?? hurmm.. mana nak carik hubby cam ur hubby ni eh..

ke org batu pahat ni mmg romantik??
wahh.. nak juga...

haha.. ok i dah merepek ni..

Melissa said...

Syahieda: Hehe ye ke ? Peluh2 akak lari satu umah cari ! ;p

Syusyu: Heheh thanks so much dear. Penat jugak berbasikal ni ye. Haha. :p

Sugar pie: Awww, hehe I tak penah jumpe orang Batu Pahat yang lain, so I tatau. Hee. Ape salahnye nak gak, asalkan bukan nak hubby I. Hehe. :)

Felicia said...

That deserves more than just brownie points. What a sweet guy.

I'm so happy for you both :D


Bryan said...

thats realy cool~!! this puts even me and gan to shame...lolz~!! im liking this.. ;)

swit@kon said...

ok. super aweet. god, saya mahu hubby. T____T

basikal.tua said...

hahahahah... no worries honey bunch.. time for hubby-hunting.. yeay!!!

Melissa said...

Felicia: Hehe thanks sayang ! ;)

Bryan: Haha thanks but no lah, no one can beat the both of you. Hehehe. ;D

Switakon: Ameen. :)

Sugar pie: Good luck ! ;D

diana said...

sweetnye mel :))

Melissa said...

Hee. :))

mynn said...

awhhhh serius sweet gila ur hubby ok, mel! i love this entry fullstop :)

Mohd Ahmad Ferk said...

make sure u dapat bentuk badan yg ideal!

Melissa said...

Mynn, hehe malu saya. Thanks dear ! ;)

Ahmad Ferk, skang tak ideal eh ?