Monday, August 31, 2009

wake me up when it ends.

Happy Merdeka everyone.
Did you enjoy the long weekend ?

I had to work on Saturday night but apart from that I would say that my weekend went pretty well.
Mr Sunshine came down on Friday night and we had buka together at MidValley Megamall's Carl's Jr.
I had Beef Chilli Cheese Fries for two days in a row.
On Thursday it was with Annisa.
MidValley is less than half an hour from my current workplace (Pharmacy Enforcement Department), so that explains why I dined at the same place.
I have no excuse for why I had the exact same dish.
It just tastes too darn good. :)

Mr Sunshine and I managed to settle a few wedding related things.
He had to leave that Saturday night and I had to work.
It's always sucky when he leaves. :(

Last Thursday marked three years since Mummy left.
I had written a long sorrowful post that day but decided not to publish it.
As much as I try to put up a brave front, this is still so difficult.

A week of Ramadhan flew by real quickly.
Fasting has been good so far. Alhamdulillah.
I have another week left before I leave the Enforcement.
Oh sigh.

Now I can really relate to the title of Greenday's "Wake Me Up When September Ends."


Sunday, August 30, 2009


I literally spent the whole day in bed today after working the night shift last night.
Woke up at 2 pm, then went back to bed again.
And then Daddy woke me up at 7 pm.
Isk, kurus puasa saya.


Monday, August 24, 2009

fallen off the ladder.

Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga.

That's how I would describe today.

Marc called Daddy at around 5pm to tell him that the Toyota's front left window had been smashed, and the Smart Tag, and some cash was stolen.


About an hour later, Marc called again and by the tone of Daddy's voice I knew that something was amiss.
A Proton Wira collided into the Toyota while Marc was driving home.
Apparently, Marc had already noticed from the rear view mirror that the Wira was being driven pretty fast and he had his legs hard on the brakes.
The back of the car was slightly dented and the trunk could not be closed. :(
Fortunately no one was hurt.


Poor Daddy.


Poor Marc.

Argh !


Friday, August 21, 2009

spicy paste.

I got stuck in a terrible jam from Putrajaya for almost 3 hours this evening. :(
Soaking my sore feet in some warm water would do me good. I think.
It rained very very very heavily for a bit, and scared the hell out of me driving.
I was freaking out because my fuel indicator was blinking and I there were no petrol stations in sight. Seemed as if they only existed on the side of the opposite lane.

Anywayyyy, I just finished making some sambal for sahur tomorrow.
I hope I'd be able to wake up to prepare a proper meal for the family tomorrow.
Lene's back for the weekend.

Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone.
Happy fasting. :)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hey you, i love you.

Good morning.
I am still sniffing and coughing. Yeah, it has been a week now. Bouts of fever come every now and then. But it's really the sniffing and sneezing that I cannot stand the most. I feel as though my whole brain is clogged up with mucus.
Haha I just had a mental picture of that. Disgusting nya.
There are times it's a bit difficult to breathe, but I am assuming it's because of the lack of physical activity.
I happily went to work yesterday morning, only to feel like passing out (I blame the face mask I had to wear) and be chased ordered told to go back home in the afternoon.
I was even told to not come back to work unless I really am free from influenza-like symptoms.
"Eh, kenapa awak datang kerja, saya tak suruh pun."


I had trouble sleeping last night.
Hence me waking up at 7 *yawns* when I know I should be resting and sleeping this fever off.
I could not stop thinking of a friend's younger sister (my junior in Hillcrest) who lost her husband (who was also my junior) yesterday.
It was a tragic loss.
I found out about what happened to arwah last Sunday night when a mutual friend texted me telling me to recite the doa for arwah, who was presumed to be drowned on his trip to Janda Baik that day.
Search efforts were stopped that night would resume the next morning.
The first thought that came to my head was about arwah's wife and his four kids (at that time I thought they only had two kids).
When Marc told me they finally found arwah's body yesterday morning, I felt this huge punch in my chest.
I do not know them that well, but my heart goes out to the wife and kids.
I can only imagine what they're going through right now.
To lose someone you depend on in such a way at such a young age. :'(
I pray she stays strong.

Correct me if I am wrong, but mati lemas itu salah satu mati syahid kan ?

That's life for you.
He brings you to life. And He can take you back anytime He wants.

I definitely learnt that the hard way. :'(

Although we might not notice, somehow we tend to take life and the lives of others around us for granted at times.
From simple actions like lashing out at someone for insignificant reasons, not replying text messages when you can and should, to passing judgments/remarks about people you barely know (fitnah is a huge sin) or cutting ties with relatives/siblings.
Sometimes we're too consumed with our busy lives that we forget that we might not get that tomorrow or that second chance.

Have you hugged your Mum lately ?
Have you told your Dad how much he means to you ?
Have you apologized to your sister for yelling at her this morning ?
Have you told you husband/wife/fiance/fiancee how much you appreciate their presence in your life ?
Have you made that call you promised to make to your best friend ?
Have you prayed ?

My heart aches for you. Al-Fatihah.

Being human, no one can escape from making mistakes.
Some might think they're better from others; spiritually, religiously, financially or intellectually.
But we must remember that in His eyes, we're all the same.
What differentiates us is our niat and actions.
Praying five times a day does not guarantee you Jannah (heaven) if you go around bad-mouthing others.
Tak perlu nak menjatuhkan hukum dekat orang, itu bukan hak dan tugas kita.
But saling mengingati memang harus.
Feeling superior from others (riak, takbur) is already such a huge sin.
Your bachelors degree means nothing if you go around boasting about your grades, ignoring other people's feelings.

This world and universe is a gift, and this whole life is a test.
A test of faith and love.
He showers you with money, what are you doing with it ?
He gives you akal, are you putting it to good use ?
He takes away the luxuries you once had, do you give up ?

Rezeki itu bukan dari segi duit sahaja.
Your family is your rezeki. Alhamdulillah.
Love is your rezeki. Alhamdulillah.
Your job is your rezeki. Alhamdulillah.
Your friends are your rezeki(s). Alhamdulillah.

Whatever we believe in, I am sure it all boils down to the same core.

Oh boy, I am sorry to have nagged this long (and probably put most of you to sleep), but I am writing this to serve as a reminder to myself.
Because we're all here for a purpose, and I am still working on mine.


Saturday, August 15, 2009


My car would not start. :'(


Friday, August 14, 2009

in ruins.

Received a phone call a couple of minutes ago.

"Get ready to extend sahaja lah."




sigh sigh sigh.

Happy Friday everyone.
Hope that all of you are doing ok.
This is an emotional post, stop here if you don't feel like being dragged into my depressing rants.

I am on medical leave at home and am advised to isolate myself from everyone else.
I fell sick with cough, flu along with on and off fever after working the night shift last Monday night. Which is a cause to worry, I guess.
I was started on Oseltamivir as chemoprophylaxis.
I called my preceptor yesterday and told him that I'd come back to work if I feel better, but he told me to stay at home and rest it out and come back on Monday.
The only thing I am worried about is my leave, which I have none left.
I was content with the news that I did not have to extend this phase after discussion with our Head of Department last month, and then I just had to fall sick again, didn't I ?
Double sigh.
I don't want to have to extend this and lose my seniority. OK it's not actually about the seniority status. Who cares ?
Triple sigh.
And just when I tweeted about having a week left from last Tuesday to settle everything (ie: finish up my clinical work, my research write up, get my log book signed by the four preceptors I have left), THIS had to happen.


My mind is so cluttered I wish I could blow my brains out.

Mr Sunshine has the chickenpox and is on leave for two weeks.
And that just adds to this depressing state I am in.


What's worse than sighing every second ?
So I'll do just that.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

eleven !

Happy 11 years bestie !

Thank you for growing up with me. :)

I am worn out.

Met up with Akey (as photographed above, hehe) at McDonald's Bandar Baru Bangi on Thursday night.
Stayed out late. :)
Had to deal with a tak sedar diri old man sitting at the opposite table who could not make his geli stares and gatal smiles to himself.
Ergh, nauseating.

Took a 10 am bus to Kemaman on Friday, watched G.I Joe with Mr Sunshine at Berjaya Megamall Kuantan. The movie was just mediocre to me. It lacked a good storyline and the action scenes were nothing to shout about. Even the script was a bit sad (lame, to be exact).
But being a sucker for Channing oh-so-hot-I-do-not-care-if-he-is-married Tatum, I did not mind sitting through the whole movie. Ahh, he's such a turn on. *faints*

Watched Mr Sunshine play futsal with the Kemaman and Kuantan Persona Club Members at Mesra Mall, Kerteh that night. Mesra Mall is kinda nice.
Started driving back to KL at midnight. I was behind the wheel for a couple of hours. I knew Mr Sunshine was exhausted, especially after the match.
Dozed off for a few hours at around 0300 hours, in the car at Genting Sempah's R&R.

We went to MidValley Megamall later that day for the Pameran Pengantin 2009. Details here.

Woke up at 0530 hours today to got to Mr Sunshine's sister, Liyana's convocation ceremony in UPM. Picked up his other sister, Syahieda at UiTM, Shah Alam before that. As only two people were allowed in the hall, Mr Sunshine's parents were the ones who went in. The rest of us stayed outside and spent more than half a day sweating under the tent provided.

Dropped by Alamanda right after. It was already 1630 hours and I could see that Mr Sunshine was extremely exhausted and showed in his mood. Muka bengang memanjang, tak suka !
But this made him laugh...

With my Chococino donut from Big Apple. :D

I should get some rest.
Goodnight people.
Have a good week ahead. :)

Oh, I have made my wedding blog public. The link's on my sidebar, feel free to drop by. :)


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

malam ini malam nisfu syaaban.


*takes a deep breath*


I could not hold it in.
I had to cuss. My apologies. Hehe.
All of us PRPs are currently busy struggling to get our logbooks signed.
We are supposed to hand it in two (or at least one) months before the end of our "PRPship'. Along with our Full Registration and posting application forms. Which I have not posted !
I have FOUR preceptors that I have yet to go ask for their signature because I have still have unfinished business. Sobs.
I'm hoping to get them all done by the middle of this month as I'd be leaving to be in the Pharmacy Enforcement Department for two weeks by then.
We'll see how things go.

I have gained over 3 kilograms over the past, hmm, to be honest I can't remember how long it has been since I last could fit properly into my jeans.
I no longer can fit into my usual tees and tops.
Had to buy over-sized tops that I thought I would only resort to wearing when I get pregnant.
Work clothes (translation: baju kurungs) are all like ill-fitting kebayas.
I am just too lazy to watch what I eat, I seem to get gastric attacks more easily nowadays. I'm getting old !
These days, I have breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Yes, I have become as normal as you. Scary. Hehe.
I should be working out.
Even more lazy to do that.
Sigh !
The only person who's happy is of course Mr Sunshine. -____-
I'll tone up, when I feel like it. Haha.
I hope my body would still respond well to exercise like it always has.
If not, I'll just binge eat and force myself to purge or vomit whatever I have consumed.

A cousin of mine passed away last Sunday in a motorcycle accident.
Sad. I was pretty close to him when I was a kid.
Another cousin of mine is currently texting me telling me about all the juicy(?) things she heard at his funeral yesterday.

On that day we will seal their mouths; their hands and feet will bear witness to everything they had done. (Surah Yasin 36:65)

What should I have for breakfast tomorrow ? I'm hungry already.


Monday, August 03, 2009

enough is enough, doncha think ?

Here's a little pictorial update of some of the things that have been going on over the past two weeks.

Barbeque session with my ex classmates. Photos credit to Farhan's shiny new super camera.

Bestnya makan !

Manchester United vs. Malaysia's first match

Giggs !

Tired/hungry/sleepy girls

Watching Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince (for the second time) plus 'liberation' celebration with Ann. :)

Sal and I at our usual heart to heart session at McDonald's. :)