Tuesday, March 31, 2009

maxi wing.

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I just realized that I purchased Laurier Maxi Wing instead of my usual Slim Wing variant.
Darn it.

I have not been too well for the past couple of days. (what's new ?)
I seriously need to do something about this immune system of mine.
Just over an hour exposure of extreme cold (I swear there was something wrong with the air-cond that morning - freaking freezing I tell you !) at the hospital on Sunday and I was sneezing terribly.

I wonder if stress has anything to do with it.

Mr Sunshine blames it on lack of food, as usual.
Mind you, I have been eating and my butt circumference is expanding as I am typing this.
How disproportionate is that ?

I just revealed my vital stats online.

I want to change.
Even though I am not 100% sure about how ready I am, some other things has been hindering me from taking a specific step of change.
Personally I have been wanting to make that change for quite some time now and I've only spoken about it to a couple of my good friends.
I have been wondering about how the people around me would react.
Because honestly, I have seen unfavourable responses before.
It's a change I don't want to do half way.
Well, we'll see how things go.

I have some serious planning to do.
I do not know where to start !
Excited and anxious at the same time !

I am getting pretty comfy at this new place of mine.
Astro can really be life changing.
I no longer have to sulk about not getting to watch Idol, live !
Plus both of my housemates are nice.
My only complain would be the millipedes I have been bumping into everywhere in the house.
Where do they come from lah ?
But all is good.

I wish this whole PRP period would end already.
It's so emotionally and mentally challenging.
Not knowing who can genuinely trust, and going through every single day anticipating the worst really, really sucks.
SIX months more to go ! Sigh. *slaps head*

I have decided that I am not cut out to work in a hospital setting.
Is there such a thing as being over empathetic ?
Well that's me.
Tears would start flowing at the sight of patients in pain, patients with cancer, patients looking sad etc.
Ergh. Annoying lah.
I am amazed at how the other pharmacists are able to keep their composure daily. I guess they're used to it.
I have told Mr. Sunshine to open up a retail pharmacy and hire me.
I can come and go as I want. Lalalalala. *dreams*

Here's a conversation the both of us had recently:

Mr Sunshine: Saya rasa OK apa orang panggil awak Mel.
Me: Hmm.
Mr Sunhine: Mel macam coMel. Awak kan comel.
Me: *bangga tapi maintain cool*
Mr Sunshine: Saya nak panggil awak Meme lah. Short untuk kememeh. Kememeh is apparently a term used for a person who cries easily/a lot.
Me: Hmmmmmmmmmm...
Mr Sunshine: Boleh tak ?
Me: Tak nak lah..
Mr Sunshine: Lepas tu awak panggil saya Sem.
Me: ???? (Sam ?)
Mr. Sunshine: Sebab saya handsome.

I don't care if you don't find that funny.
I do !

Gosh, tonight is getting pretty humid.
I think I need another bath.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


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I have about an hour left before I get to leave the Emergency Department.
My tummy's grumbling for no valid reason. I had rice for lunch yesterday and a bar of snickers and Bliss for dinner.
What more does it want ?
What it needs is exercise, that's for sure.

Time really flies doesn't it ? We're almost at the end of March and i'm almost done with my Clinical unit.Still, there's a whole lot more for me to do. I have not clerked enough cases.I have not even completed the ones I started clerking. I am so dead.I'd be in Ward Supply (In Patient Department) again starting 6 April.

I miss home !

There's this wedding exhibition I am planning to go to this weekend.

I can't wait to get back and sleep.

My eyes are burning.

This post has really been a waste of read, hasn't it ?


Monday, March 23, 2009

i thought that phase was over.

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I just finished editing my proposal slides for tomorrow. *yawns*
I hope everything goes well. I did not really do that much researching for it.

I sat for my Pharmacy Jurisprudence exam for the second time this morning. This time around I put in more effort and actually studied for it (haha) so I'm hoping I'll get through. Met quite a number of friends who were in the same boat at the examination place.

I was supposed to go back to work after the exam, but I went back to Noe's place and dozed off until almost 4 pm !
Suka hati je kan. -_-

My back hurts, I think I should get to bed. Will blog more tomorrow.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

sepuluh tau, bukan lapan atau sembilan. sepuluh !

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There is no other way to start off this post than to (very) proudly say that I have a genius as my sister !
Lene scored 10 A's for her SPM !!
I am so super duper happy for you !
I was beaming and almost jumped in joy at work when I found out.
Gila pandai adik aku ini.
She has submitted her UPU application earlier but I think there will be some updating to do seeing that her results are so good.
She does not want to do Pharmacy because she does not want to end up crying all the time like me.
Oh boy, what an example I have been. -___-
Well, we'll just see later on how things go.

The whole family went for a mini celebratory lunch at Cozy Corner, Ampang Park on Friday. We had lunch AND dessert.
I was off on Friday as I had to work the night before.

Speaking of which, after getting off work at about 7 am that Friday morning, I drove straight to Gombak. To home sweet home. It took me one and a half hours to reach due to the heavy rain and there were a couple of road accidents along the way.
I tried going to bed at about 12 pm, managed to get 2 hours of rest then we had to leave for lunch. I still could not sleep after we got back from lunch. It's not that I did not try, but my brain kept telling me that I've got loads of work to complete (research proposal, user interventions data, research data collection form, studying for the jurisprudence exam etc etc etc) *insert kepala serabut emoticon*, and my body just would not shut down.
Not to forget the fact that I got myself into a little accident involving Coco and a drain that morning too ! It seems that I'm not the only one who has affinity for drains.
Coco's left side is slightly (consoling myself here) dented now. *cries*
As a result, I had a massive headache and I was starting to get real cranky.
I only dozed off after midnight that day OK !

I still do not know where I put my Photoshop CS2 cd. It's frustrating lah. I do not know any other way to resize my photos. So my posts will be photo-less until I find that bloody cd, or get a new one. Sigh.

I had breakfast with Annisa at McDonald's Mutiara Damansara yesterday morning. We both came to the sad conclusion that in life you're bound to meet idiotic insensitive people (who seem like they always have their heads in the clouds, oblivious to the fact that they make other people's lives miserable every day) everywhere you go and it's up to us to adapt to their stupid antics. Do not let one (or twenty) insignificant people take you down and make you unhappy be it at work or school or anywhere lah !
But it certainly is easier said than done.
Some genius should come up with a vaccination/immunization jab for us to face these twerps.
Lene, are you listening ? Hehe.

Daddy's not feeling too well. He has been coughing and sneezing since yesterday.
I have a wedding to go to later but I feel bad leaving him at home.
I'm still contemplating whether to go or not.
They say kalau tak pergi nanti tak ada orang nak datang majlis kita.
But, but, but...

I hate Sundays.
They always lead to Mondays. Dreadful Mondays.

I need to learn to relax a little lah.
How do I not let stress get to me ?
When it gets to me, it really gets to me OK. I become this manic monster.
I have always been the type who gets worked up so easily over almost everything.

Have I mentioned I hate Sundays ?


Sunday, March 08, 2009

bulan mengambang.

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Last Wednesday I suddenly had this strong feeling of taking a bus trip to Kuala Terengganu on Thursday morning after my night shift ended. I so wanted to see my boyfriend.
So I did just that.
I rushed to get a bus ticket from Hentian Putra on Wednesday evening, and found out that I could board the bus from Putrajaya itself. I felt lucky. I got lucky twice that day, once when I applied for leave on Friday at the very last minute. Fortunately my leave was granted but not after an hour of waiting after working hours.
I finished work at 7 am last Thursday, went back to freshen up and pack my stuff and headed straight to Putrajaya Sentral. I was a bit nervous about leaving Coco there for two nights. But I had no idea where else to park it. So I prayed and tawakkal only lah. It was too late to think about other options, anyway.
I boarded the 9.30 am bus, it picked up more passengers at Hentian Putra after that. I had trouble getting some shut eye on the bus eventhough I was so freaking exhausted, I just went through more than 24 hours with no sleep OK. I don't know whether it was the uncomfortable seat or I was just so anxious to meet Mr Sunshine. My head hurt like mad.
I finally reached Kuala Terengganu just before 5 pm.
Mr. Sunshine was already waiting for me and as soon as he saw me, he greeted me happily with, "Welcome to Terengganu !".
In an attempt to cheer me up, he brought me to a waterfall (Air Terjun Sekayu) on Friday morning for a picnic date. We had Nasi Lemak, a few snacks and kuih and guava juice. Not bad for a last minute thingy. But, as it was a last minute thingy, I could not take a dip in the water because I did not have any extra clothes. He, on the other hand, came prepared with an extra sleeveless top and tracksuit and even brought his towel !
Nevertheless, I did manage to have a good time, dipping my legs in the water, laughing at his silly antics and screaming my lungs out at the sight(s) of frogs. There were so many of them ! OK there were only three but still geli lah kan.
There was something about that place that made me forget about all my worries for awhile.
He brought me to the Taman Tamadun Islam's Monument Park after Friday prayers. I got to feast my eyes on beautiful and one of a kind replicas of historic Islamic monuments. It's definitely an interesting place to visit. I wanted to go into the Crystal Glass Mosque but unfortunately I was not exactly appropriately dressed to enter a mosque, so I was a bit dissapointed.
Note to self: Carry a scarf everywhere.
We had dinner and cake that night, and took a stroll on the beach for a bit.

I took the 8.20 am flight back here on Saturday morning. *sad*
I would have loved to stay until Sunday but Yus' wedding was this weekend and there was no way I was gonna miss it.
Her akad was yesterday morning and her reception was today. She looked absolutely lovely ! Everything went as planned, Alhamdulillah. Yati and I could not stop talking about how beautiful Yus looked, she looked like a princess having a fairy tale wedding.
She looked genuinely happy. I am so so so happy for her !
May Allah bless their marriage always, Aamin.

I have photos to upload but I can't seem to find my Photoshop cd, I need to resize the photos because I don't wanna use up too much of Blogger's uploading capacity. So I guess the photos have to wait.

I was asking Daddy on whether Mummy used to have PMS symptoms. I was starting to worry because mine seem to be getting worse every month. I have MAJOR mood swings or more accurate, turbulences.

Daddy: Yes but not so bad lah, ya'll should know.
Me: Err, I didn't know when Mummy gets her period every month.
Daddy: Bila bulan mengambang, period lah !
Me: *puzzled*
Lene: Hah ? Nooo, not everyone gets period at the same time !
Daddy: Depends lah. Sometimes before, sometimes after, sometimes during.
Lene: That means not when bulan mengambang lah !

Daddy, I don't know what I would do without you.

Happy ONE year, awak.
Congratulations, Yus !
I love you both.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

miss you already.

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I am just in no mood to do anything except sit in my room and sleep. And maybe cry a bit or a lot. Who cares, right ?
Mr Sunshine is on his way back to Terengganu (he was already in Kemaman the last time I checked and that was about half an hour ago) and I am extremely sad.
We did not get to spend much quality time together this time around, we met last night (Friday) at around 8 pm as I got off work pretty late and he had to settle a couple of things pertaining to his car earlier in the day.
He helped me moved most of my things into my new room, then we had a late dinner, and before we knew it, it was today (Saturday) and he had to send his car to the tint shop which took fucking 4 hours to finish as there were many cars in line. We were stuck there the whole time.
Then he had to leave early to avoid arriving too late as he's working tomorrow.
I despise this feeling.
All the anticipation I had the whole month, pushing through every single day knowing that it brings me a day closer to being able to be in his arms again.
But it all just has to end so fast. And I have to wait for another month (or more) before we can see each other again.
I hate kissing his hand before he leaves.
I hate the sad stare he gives me. I believe he does not know it's noticeable.
I hate that I already miss him (tremendously !!) just seconds after he leaves.
I hate the fact that he has to leave !

This is seriously depressing.