Friday, June 20, 2008


Currently feeling: Worried
Currently listening to: I Don't Want To Be - Gavin Degraw

It tickles me sometimes to see how some people try to be so discreet about buying Viagra (and all the other drugs in the same group).
There's nothing to be ashamed of, really.
One in 10 men in the world have erectile dysfunction.
And there's nothing wrong with wanting to have good sex and satisfying your partner.

Daddy thinks I've been over exercising.
I just think I need a good dose of glucosamine sulphate.

Yes, working at the pharmacy has this effect on me.

It has been a month and a day since I last had McDonald's.
A pretty amazing feat considering that I spent most of my exam days stuffing myself with all their calorie laden yummylicious food.
But now I'm craving Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. And large fries. And Chicken McNuggets.

I feel constipated.
Very unpleasant feeling.

Tummy's growling.
I better get to bed before I start thinking about food.



seaweed said...

Im craving for mcnuggets too : P

Melissa said...

They're soooo yummy right ? Hee.
Thanks for dropping by. =)