Sunday, February 08, 2009


Currently feeling: Dispirited
Currently listening to: Nothing

So it has begin.
It's a sad fact that running away is not an available option.
Double sigh.

I hate that it's affecting my social life.
I am starting to feel like curling up in my bed and detaching myself from everyone.
Daily tear-filled phone calls to the boyfriend have also started.
I despise this side of me.

This is only temporary. But it's already feeling like forever.
I can do this.
Can I ?

I wished I was as strong as you, Mummy.



Felicia said...

You ARE as strong as your mother.
Inner strength is hereditary, you know :)

Love you!

Putri Ramlan said...

babe. i DO understand ur feelings. coz we're both lost someone that we adore so much. i miss my daddy too. ;(

i love you.

and be strong...

N.S. said...

babe! wish all the best! i know u are strong! muahss