Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Most of the PRPs from all the other hospitals have already gotten to know where they would be working for the next three years as Fully Registered Pharmacists (FRPs).

Mr Sunshine stays in Terengganu.
At the Kuala Terengganu Pharmacy Enforcement Department, to be exact.



wickiwild said...

aiyo... but if he would ask any post here pun macam susah. its over saturated.

Baby Zulkiflie said...

request request

Melissa said...

Paan: Yeah, he's not planning to pun. The both of us memang did not apply for KL/Selangor pun.

Baby: Sigghhhhhh !

yamin said...

awk dapat mana mel? sy akan terbang ke srawak..

zanariah said...

beb,saba ehh..i hope u put terengganu in ur options..insya-ALLAH,bole dpt sana..

Melissa said...

Yamin: Blum tau lg lah. KPF still pegang logbook kitorg. :(

Zana: Isk, I did not. But nak gi appeal kot. Are u appealing ?

wickiwild said...

ill look after mr sunshine when we go out raiding together ok? :)

asked hunter to complete the borang permohonan nikah, make a copy and go appeal or ask for transfer request. i did that and alhamdulillah, both of us are posted here. whatever it is, doa. thats the most powerful tool.

Felicia said...

I relly hp u guys get posted together hun. pray hard, God is in control. All the best honey!


Melissa said...

Farhan: I applied for Terengganu and am just hoping for the best. Thanks k.

Feli: Thanks dear. :'(