Sunday, November 07, 2010

hello world wide web !

Ah hello, I'm back.
But nope, we still have not received our modem and we're still stuck with the one the store gave us to use but I finally got it to work (read: got a TM guy to come over to get it done).

I'm also back from spending the whole weekend with my bestie, Annisa. She came all the way to Terengganu for a holiday with me. We had such a good time ! I can't wait for her to upload them so that I can steal them. Hehe. Will blog more about my weekend soon. :)

Mr Sunshine turned 25 last week. :)

I hope you liked the gift I got you sayang. We'll go for a holiday next year, InshaAllah, ok ?
I love you so banyak !

I am gonna express my dissatisfaction with the service provided by bakery in town from which I bought Mr Sunshine's cake. Secret Recipe was just too far.
The girl actually misspelled "Sunshine" when I clearly jotted down the word on a piece of paper and all she had to do was copy it. "Ehh salah !", I shrieked, and to my disbelief she just calmly wiped the mistake up with a piece of cardboard and rewrote on it. Did not do a really good job on that too !
She had got to be kidding me, I thought.
She just proceeded to pack the cake and since I was not in a confrontational mood, I just paid for it and left with a heavy heart. :(

Can you see the part where the pink cream is smudged ? :(

Oh well, it still tasted alright.



superheroes' mom said...

teruknya x pandai jaga customer

Melissa said...

Kan ? So disappointing.

Felicia said...

To REALLY express your dissatisfaction you can't leave the bakery unnamed :P

Nah I'm kidding but as long as it tasted alright kan? :)


Melissa said...

Hahaha. If you look carefully, you can actually see the name of the bakery on the cake. Hehe.
It wasn't too bad lah, ok for the price I paid. :p
Hugggs !!

swit@kon said...

poor mr. sunshine!!!!
akak penah sekali kena. SR juga. rasa nak lempang.

btw, welkam back. sila hapdet ye!!! missed u here dah ;)

Putri Ramlan said...

omg! that cake is so tempting!! :D

p.s. smudge takpe.. hehe.

Melissa said...

Switakon: Ye ke ? But SR tulis pretty kan kan kan ?

Putri: Any cake is tempting ! Hehehe.