Thursday, October 27, 2011

sos ! ebm distress !

Starting tomorrow, I will be traveling around for the next two weeks. Mr. Sunshine, Dian Khayla and I will be heading to Kerteh tomorrow afternoon, as Mr. Sunshine has an exhibition to prepare for and handle on Saturday (29th).
We'll be spending the night at Gombak (yay !) on Saturday and leave for Malacca on Sunday. Mr. Sunshine has a 4-day convention and we're tagging along with hopes of getting to do a bit of sightseeing along the way. Also because we're planning to head back to Batu Pahat after Mr. Sunshine is done with his convention.
Then it's back to Gombak on Saturday (5th) for Raya Haji, after spending three nights in Batu Pahat. After that, I'll be staying back in Gombak, while Mr. Sunshine goes back to Kuala Berang on the 7th (Monday) and comes back to Gombak on the 10th (Thursday), for an important family event which is happening on Friday, the 11th, InshaAllah.
We'll be saying hi to Kuala Berang on Saturday, the 12th.
And I start work on the following Monday !

Oh boy, I'm panting from just typing all of that !
Not that I needed to write down every detail, but I wanted to ! Hah.

Now, my primary concern is how I'm gonna squeeze the task of stocking up my freezer with my EBM into all that traveling.
Mr Sunshine and I only have a one-door fridge here in Kuala Berang, hence, sad to say, the ones that I have stored in the freezer are definitely going to waste. Sobs !
Hopefully I can still save the ones I placed below the freezer by carrying them along in a cooler bag.
I have no idea how to make sure I have enough EBM for Khayla once I start work, now that I have to hop from one place to another in this crucial last two weeks. :(

Help !



farhana said...

leh blajar kt blog nie... helps me alot...

NS said...

bestnya cuti~!~ jangan stress2 babe *hugs* InsyaAllah~ I know you can do this!

My Love.. said...

cannot help since akak xpernah travel..but wat u can do..mayb buy a very good cooler bag..which there were 1 this lactation consultant did when she travelled to Korea..

EBM dia travel together with her..pump dalam flite smua..

go thru her blog k..n happy reading

Anonymous said...

Please wish your Daddy "Happy 67th Birthday" for the 1st of November. "Many Happy Returns Of The Day" also go out to Mr Sunshine.

With warmest regards from "Petite Fleur".....

Melissa said...

Thanks everyone ! Am currently still surviving, still breastfeeding, Alhamdulillah. :D