Wednesday, June 12, 2013

soda pop.

Hi all. :)

I just had to document this.
This is going to be hard to believe but I HAVE NOT HAD A CARBONATED DRINK SINCE APRIL !
Woohoo !
I consider this a huge achievement because prior to that I was downing Coke Light (and going to McDonald's) AT LEAST once a week. :(
Even Mr Sunshine is amazed that I can live without Coke Light. Haha.

This is a decision I made based on the increased frequency of my cold sores, I did some research and I found out that an acidic diet contributes to cold sore flare ups. Although Shaklee products helped in decreasing my cold sores severity and duration, they were still popping up more frequent than usual.

Plus, I don't want my daughter to gain the habit of drinking soft drinks too !

Photo credits to Google.

I used to stay away from sodas until I was in UiTM, and that was also when my insane love affair with McDonald's started. I used to study every day at McDonald's during examination week, imagine that !

So basically I have been avoiding fast food and most importantly carbonated drinks. If  I do go to a fast food joint (which is pretty rare these days), I'll skip the soft drinks. :)

I am so frickin' proud of myself.

Ok bye. :)


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sgrmse. said...


I could never give my Coke, Vanilla Coke and Cherry Coke up. YOU GO, GIRL! Proud of you, too! xx