Monday, April 20, 2009

and you played badminton.

She glances at the yellow paper and saw what she was hoping not see.
She was lost for words.
"Again ???!", she kept questioning herself.
She was strong enough to hold her emotions in until she was alone in her car.
It was then when the wailing started.

Four hours had passed and she is still weeping.
She is convinced that there can be no human being who is doltish as she is.
She locks herself in her room, so that the people in her house does not see the swollen teary eyed woman she chose to be tonight.



Ayu Firzara said...

Hye Lisa! Just arrived into ur world! (^_^)

Felicia said...

What happened doll?

Melissa said...

Ayu: Hey hello ! =)

Feli: I'll tell you when we get to talk/chat ok ? =(

zanariah said...

omg..wat happen?i hope u r fine now..