Thursday, March 17, 2011

so lonesome for you.

My medical leave has been extended until today. So that's a total of 5 days of leave, 7 if you add the weekend, but I'm working this weekend so it will be only 5 days for me.
I fell sick in the middle of the week, with an awful sore throat and flu. I am OK now, Alhamdulillah. Asam Jawa juice works wonders !
A week of medical leave might help me physically, but it's done almost nothing for me emotionally.
I don't think I'll be traveling back to Gombak anytime soon. :(
People keep telling me that I shouldn't be so stressed up because I am expecting. Some things are definitely easier said than done.

It has been raining non stop over here in Kuala Berang.
My heart has been as gloomy as the weather.

I am so blessed to have my Sunshine here with me. Alhamdulillah.



Ayu Firzara said...

hye mel!

sama pulak kita...take a good rest too okay? ;)

amElyn said...

hey mommy, get well soon!! =)))

ezlinda hisam said...

tabahkan hati!! :-)

Melissa said...

Ayu: You too. :)

Amelyn: Thanks dear ! :)

Ezlinda: Sedang mencuba. :)