Saturday, July 23, 2011

on how to make a mushroom omelette.

Last weekend, Mr. Sunshine and I had mushroom omelette sandwiches for dinner. I made pasta for lunch that day so we were pretty stuffed.

Daddy makes THE BEST mushroom omelette.
And he obviously knows he does.
I sent a text message to Daddy asking for tips on how to make a good mushroom omelette and he replied with the whole recipe. Haha.

And this is how my mushroom omelette looked like:

Not very appealing huh ?
Mr Sunshine thought it was delicious and went back for seconds, but I would rather have Daddy make some for me. Hehe.



Red Clutch said...

looks delicious, gonna try one day...yummy yummy...

Melissa said...

Try lah ! Our family usually makan with bread, but can makan with rice too ! :D

sugarmouse said...

MY FAVE!!!! i love mine with extra cheese and mushrooms. super yums. the photo isn't gross at all! i'm hungry nowwww D:

Melissa said...

Ahhh CHEESE ! Yums !!