Monday, December 26, 2011

i accidentally deleted all my photos !

Hello everyone, hope all of you are having a good day.

I'm currently mourning over the fact that I accidentally deleted ALL my photos which were uploaded on my blog. That's 4 years worth of memories ! So far there's no way of recovering them. *nangis*
I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm devastated.

OK bye.



NS said...

Kesiannyaaaa...sabar banyak2 insyaAllah better things will come soon :-)

Faridah Zulkiflie said...

How is that possible? You ter-delete your Picasa ke?

Anonymous said...


Melissa said...

Syusyu: Ameen. Sobs.

Faridah: I found a folder of photos in my phone, I deleted it without knowing that they were from my Picasa. So sad. :''(

Anonymous: *nangis*

m. ng said...

whaaattt?? woman, how'd you manage that?! :O you deleted your picasa album ker?

emma dangdut said...

aiyak!!kak melissa sabar ya..aduhh!!

Faridah Zulkiflie said...

Alaaaa. If from PC can restore. But if from phone, I don't know how.

Red Clutch said...

oit... ini macam ka... adoiyaiii

Melissa said...

Mel: Yeah I guess so. There was an album in my phone, I didn't know it was my Picasa album so I deleted it. SOBS.

Emma: Iskkk. :''((

Faridah: How to restore if from PC ?

Red Clutch: Yeeee, so sedih !

dinashuz said...

mel... i remember a geeky friend of mine telling me that eventho we've deleted data from our phone, it's recoverable... try checking it out at i believe ada service tu....

Faridah Zulkiflie said...

According to

"Recovering deleted photos
When you delete photos or folders using Picasa they are sent to the Recycle Bin (Windows) or the Trash (Mac). If you haven't emptied the Recycle Bin (Windows) or Trash (Mac), use the following steps to recover your photos:


- Double-click the Recycle Bin icon on your computer Desktop.

- Right-click the file you'd like to salvage.

- Select Restore."

Melissa said...

Dina: Really ? I'm gonna go to Lowyat now !

Faridah: Thanks babe. Sobs.

sgrmse. said...

wait - what? why did you even have it on your cell? :s and how do you do that? did you try accessing your picasa web album via your computer anyway?