Saturday, March 03, 2012

dian khayla - 6 months progress report

Khayla can now sit without support, she can move from a sitting position to being on all fours and can pull herself up to a standing position from a sitting position ! MashaAllah, my baby is growing up so fast.

She can grab and put her pacifier into her mouth, although sometimes she needs to try a couple of times.

She is such an active baby ! She wouldn't sit still for a second, instead she wants to slither on her stomach all over the house.
She can get up on hands and knees (on all fours), and lunge forward. She hasn't quite figured out how to crawl forward, hehe. She wants to hold and taste EVERYTHING from wires to plastic bags.

Occasionally, she can also stand while holding on to me/anyone with one arm as if she's trying to show off her acrobatic skills. Hehe.

I have started giving Khayla solids since she was 5 months old. She's still not much of an eater yet, but it's so fun experimenting !

She enjoys watching YouTube videos of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wheels on the Bus and BINGO. I'll just put those videos on when I need her to stay quiet for awhile. :))

That's my beautiful Dian Khayla at 6 months for you. :)



ezlinda hisam said...

comel..suka sangat!

dinashuz said...

look! michelin hands! geram!!! hugs n kisses from aunty dina =)

sgrmse. said...

she's so cute in that green dress!! :D

Efira Nazri said...

Khayla is such a sweetheart. Bole friend with my girl.

Melissa said...

Ezlinda: Hee, thank you. :)

Dina: She's getting so active these days, I think she's gonna lose those michelin arms. Haha. Sayang Aunty Dina !

Mel: Hehe, everyone thought she looked adorable too Mel. Sexy, but adorable. Haha.

Efira: Boleh ! Lili is super comel ! :)

Superstar Suri said...

oh my.... she's definitely one of the cutest baby known alive!!!

Haneesa said...

oh, indeed a beautiful light :)

Melissa said...

Superstar Suri: LOL, Alhamdulillah. Thanks dear. :)

Haneesa: :) Looking forward to say hello to your little bundle of joy ! :)