Monday, April 23, 2012

babysitter needed.

Last week, the person who is currently taking care of Khayla told Mr. Sunshine and I that she will only be able to do so until the end of this month.
Why, you may be wondering ?
It's a long story and I do not want to dwell on it because it will only bring tears to my eyes.

Now, I have no choice but to look for another person/nursery to babysit Khayla and my major concern is that Khayla has serious separation anxiety issues. I cannot imagine how it would be like leaving her with another 'stranger'. I foresee days full of tears which I hope her new sitter will understand and know how to deal with.

I'm so out of sorts these days !


I hope and pray that we find a good, reliable babysitter/nursery and that Khayla will get over her separation anxiety phase in a short time with (very) minimal tears. Ameen !



Petite Fleur said...


the other mel (: said...

i wish i could sit for dian.. (: she looks like a beautiful bundle of joy! :D (so many babysmiley pics)

hope you find a suitable one soon, mel. maybe try some au pair sites? set up some interviews, whatnot. good luck.. keep that chin up xoxo

maya zehra said...

are u still looking foe a baby sitter
where r u staying
if do pls email me at