Tuesday, December 11, 2012

baby talk #3

I would usually count in front of Khayla when I am preparing her milk or buttoning up her blouses. Two nights ago while I was getting her dressed, this happened:

While buttoning up her blouse,
Me: One...
Khayla : Tuuu..
Me: *gasps* Threeee..
Khayla: Porrr..
Me: *screams and runs out of the room to tell Mr. Sunshine* - Yes, I can still be a drama queen.

MashaAllah, mashaAllah.
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for this beautiful blessing. :)



basikal.tua said...

i can imagine how excited you are. eeeee.... nak baby juga la.. kihkihkih...

Arina S said...

hahah so cute!! record jgn x record. first counting moments. hehe

~YUN~ said...

Pandainya die!!afif plak lain..everytime naik tangga yun akan count 1-10..hari tu kelakar je,baru sebut one...two..die sebut ten!!hehehehe

Melissa said...

Alice: Hahaha, excited sangat ! Ekekeke, I doakan you cepat kahwin, cepat dapat baby. Aameen. :)

Arina: Hehe, tak sempat lah nak record, when I put the camera at her she would always be distracted !

Yun: Hahaha Afif advanced lah Yun ! Apa kelas 1,2,3, 10 terus, hehehe. :)

Melin Fork said...

Brilliantly cute!!!!!!!!

sgrmse. said...

hi mel! :D :D i tried looking you up on facebook but i didn't know how to even begin. lol. at any rate, it's good to see you're still writing!

Melissa said...

Amelyn: Haha thanks !

Mel !! Did you try searching by email ?? I've missed you, I still read you blog, just so you know. :)