Wednesday, January 06, 2010

and i'm not pregnant.

I'm craving these:
  1. IKEA Daim Cake
  2. IKEA meatballs
  3. Steamboat, preferably buffet
  4. Snowflake !
  5. Murni's Carbonara Pasta
  6. Cadbury Snaps
  7. Pan Mee (dry and spicy)
  8. Wisma Central's Mamak's (sorry, I can't recall the name of the shop) spicy Maggi goreng
  9. Kuih kapit
  10. Mummy's pineapple tarts
Ok, goodnight.



Mohd Ahmad Ferk said...

ni tak pregnant nie..
kalau pregnant camne la eh?

ashieBee said...

orang kate if kuat mengidam skrg sblm pregnant, nnti mengandung dah banyak mengidam! oklaaah...senang laki ;))

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