Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the biggest loser ?

I think I have only watched one audition episode and one weekly episode of The Biggest Loser Asia.
I only came to know about the finale last night while I was channel surfing as I had difficulty falling asleep. Since I had nothing else to do, I decided to watch it and find out who will win the 100,000 US Dollars.

And, David Gurnani from Indonesia had shed off more than 50% of his initial weight. This percentage added to the whopping sixty something (correct me if I am wrong) percentage of fat loss made him Asia's first Biggest Loser.

But in my opinion (no offence to anyone), he looked quite emaciated and sickly.
I was really worried for him on stage, hoping that he would not collapse or pass out.
He just was not a picture of good health (in my opinion).

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I'm all for weight loss, and I feel that what he had achieved was very amazing.
But I feel that this sort of sends out the wrong message to people about losing weight. 
Being healthy is not about what shows up on the scales, it's about having sufficient energy to sustain your through your day, maintaining good blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose level with a balance between proper eating habits and exercise. 

Anywayyy, I hope David is well and happy. 100, 000 US Dollars is a lot ! ;)



Ayu Firzara said...

Ayu tak tengok pun yang finale nih....episod pun jarang2 jer..wowwww the result is so amazing!!! Congrats to him!

Melissa said...

Amazing but I would not want to look like that in a million years.

superheroes' mom said...

u have been tagged daer! if rajin buat k :)

swit@kon said...

kurus sangat. tak bagus pun. nampak slouching and sakit. sian dia. takpelah. dah dapat 100,000 USD. pasni makan balik

mello said...

It's strange how different the Asian edition is compared to the American one. In the American finales/reunion shows, majority of the contestants come back looking really buff but the first Biggest Loser Asia winner? Yeah, totally looked... scrawny. VERY scary. I did think Carlo and Aaron looked good though.

Melissa said...

Superheroes'mom: Thanks kak. Done ! ;)

Switakon: Kan kan kan. Itulah, nasib baik dapat duit banyak, boleh beli makanan banyak2. Hehe. :p

Mello: My point exactly. He even looked as if he had trouble talking. Yeah, Carlo looked good. Garry did too. :)