Thursday, March 18, 2010


I love Thursdays.

I love the fact that I get off work at 3.30pm on Thursdays.
I am not really enjoying the fact that I have to be working this weekend though.
Plus, we're having sort of like a Family Day tomorrow, so I'd have to be at Taman Pertanian Sekayu after work.

I was on medical leave (yawn !) for a couple of days this week. Too lazy to elaborate on what really happened.
My hands are still slightly sore from the IV drip catheter insertion. Not to mention I have two insertion holes instead of one, because the they got it wrong the first time. It hurt so bad ok. :'(

See, the part circled in red ? Salah cucuk ! And yes, that's my blood in the tube because I was moving my hand around without realizing the drip had finished.

Argh, I don't want to go through this sort of thing anymore. I have VERY low pain threshold ok. :(

My first subscribed issue of Flavours magazine arrived in the mailbox today !

I can't explain why I am so excited. Even flipping through the pages made my heart race. I wasn't like this when Newsweek arrived. Crazy.
Haven't received my Reader's Digest copy yet.

Mr Sunshine and were in Kuantan last Friday to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D !
I wouldn't say I hated it, the visual effects were awesome. Although it did make me reminisce about the good old days, the movie was just okay for me.
Johnny Depp was such a hottie even as the Mad Hatter. Yum.

The henna on my nails is slowly disappearing.

Can I reapply ?
How else would people know that I'm hitched ? Haha, kidding.

I feel a headache coming on.
Sigh. I should lie down for a bit.



zanariah said...

beb..ko pun subscribe yg 1000+ for 4 mags tu eh????its a very good deal ehh..=p

Melissa said...

Yup ! Hee, so worth it. :)

swit@kon said...

hey. sakit lagi?
take care ya!

u subscribe flavours eh? akak subscribe RD, BBC Knowledge, Times & Newsweek. gila best!

tapi lama2 tak larat baca semua. hahaha

Melissa said...

Thanks kak.

Haha itu lah, Newsweek every fortnight pulak tu. :p