Thursday, September 23, 2010

embrace thy curves.

Two things.
First are body parts women are usually not happy with, such as a soft waistline and hips. I like both very much. Women hate when guys touch and pinch them there, but men don't have curves, and the more women embrace them, the sexier it is!
Second: when a sweaty woman is leaving the gym, because it's similar to the way she might look right after sex. Anything that suggests you in that act [is hot].
 -James Marsden on the things women would be surprised to learn that guys find sexy.


mello said...

if the woman is sweaty and STINKY... no lah kott. lol! hope you had a great raya ;D

Melissa said...

Haha you've got a point there.
My Raya was great, thanks ! ;)