Thursday, September 20, 2012

baby talk #1

Bedtime conversation with my 1 year old daughter:

Me: Khayla, say Ayah.
Daughter: Ayaaaa.
Me: Clever girl ! Say Ayah !
Daughter: Ayahh !
Me: Ok now say Mummy.
Daughter: Ayahhh.
Me: No, say maaa miiii...
Daughter: Ayahhhh !
Me: Say maaaaa miiiiiiiiiii..
Daughter: Aaaa yaaaaa !




Dina Sallehudin said...

Geez Mel, Khayla too? ive been trying so hard.. SO HARD to teach ZA to say mommy/at least refer to me as momma or something right. He only says maa maa when he's playing with his toys and calls me dadda. sheesh... LOL

Melissa said...

Yessss, it's not like she can't pronounce ma or mi. I've heard her mumble mamamama, or mimimi. But she atill insists on calling everyone, "Eh !".

My Love.. said...

same here...1st word was babah..smua pn farouq calling everyone as "nyahhh"...n panggil akak mama pn dlm 1/30..lain smua "nyahhhh"... T___T

Melissa said...

Zurai: Heheheh, nyaahh ? So funny ! Khayla calls everyone "Ehh ehh ehh !" hehehe.