Tuesday, September 04, 2012

spreading the love ?

So, I just found out that Lene had diarrhea and mild fever at work on Sunday, Marc started to have diarrhea and fever yesterday, and Linn is vomiting & purging too ! The paediatrician did mention that Khayla could have passed the virus to us, so I'm starting to think that she actually did !


But Alhamdulillah Daddy seems to be looking alright, so far lah.



Aidanisme said...

ui.. korang makan apa ni? mesti makanan yang sama..

Anonymous said...

yup, diarrhea can be contagious. not a mitos. so kalau anak ceri beri tu, jgn la hantar ke bs or nursery

Melissa said...

Aida: Tak makan benda yang sama pun tau ! Isk.

Anonymous: Yeah, always knew that if the diarrhea (or any disease) is of a virus source, it's contagious. But biasa lah, always thought "it wouldn't happen to me." Haha.

Felicia said...

Keep everyone hydrated, sit back and "let it go". No other choice with this one, must let nature take its course. Hope everyone feels better hun!

Melissa said...

Yes hun, absolutely, hydration is of utmost importance kan ? Thanks dear ! :)

Reen Tart Nenas said...

diarrhea memang boleh berjangkit.virus jahat kot kan.mula2 tak percaya jugak. take care uollls :)

Melissa said...

Reen, virus apa2 memang boleh jangkit. Hee. Tak expect plak diarrhea kali ni due to virus, because it could be due to banyak sebab lain kan ?
Thanks dear ! :)