Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hi all.

I'm at home, taking care of Khayla who is down with high grade fever (highest recorded was 38.7 degrees Celcius, isk isk). She also had mild diarrhea yesterday. Been sponging her and attending to her crankiness. Hehe.

While she's asleep, I'm taking time to answer enquiries on my new found passion, Shaklee and their products and am also taking some orders. Alhamdulillah. Many are interested in the amazing Energizing Soy Protein
(which is on promo this month, by the way).

It feels good being able to share this with people. :)

Best jugak if boleh jadi WAHM (working at home mum).

Ok bye.



Dina Sallehudin said...

get well soon si cantik khayla! yeah melissa... being a wahm is sure awesome! wanna try?

Melissa said...

Thanks Aunty Dina !
Hehe, lots of things to consider lah, before I really decide. Besides, I don't know if I'm any good at being a businesswoman. Haha.