Saturday, March 01, 2008

my hips don't lie.

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Okay, so today wasn't as bad as I depicted in my previous post.
I had a good time, browsing through costumes and dresses with my housemates and a few of my classmates at Wangsa Maju and Mid Valley. I tried on a few, but didn't get anything (hint: huge hips). But Pojie, Yamin and Chona got themselves pretty pretty costumes ! I like.
Thanks Yamin and Laoshi, for driving us around. Hee.

I'd be going dress hunting again tomorrow I guess.
That is IF I manage to finish my presentation slides by tonight.
Or at least half of it.
Err, a quarter of it ?

And hey, guess what, the guy I have the hots for, apparently has the hots for me too. How do I know ? He told me so.



echo machine said...

bak la sini phone number si puki itu.

Marlene said...

Heh. I knew that ages ago, long...

Baby. What's up?

echo machine said...

there's this perempuan gila yang suka cakap ntahapa to ur sis. I mintak phone number dia tapi si kakak ini tidak mahu bagiiii....