Monday, July 13, 2009

how old are you ?

Daddy's latest IJN checkup revealed that his fasting plasma glucose (FPG) and triglycerides (TG) levels were elevated.
Acarbose was added to his other two antidiabetics (Metformin and Gliclazide).
The doctor did not start him on statins for his TG, but told him to watch his diet and will see how things go at his next checkup.
I am very worried lah.
I should be more aware of what he eats. But how do you tell your old man he can't take this and that. It feels awful. Sigh.
I should stop bringing home donuts. Not that I do all the time.

I am stuck at home in Putrajaya with conjunctivitis.
My right eye hurts. Sobs.
I am sick of all the sick leaves I have been taking.
You would not believe how many days of leave I have left. It's not even Raya yet, and there goes my plan to save leaves for my wedding.
Sigh, depressing.

The ex came over (to Gombak) to pick up his baby pictures yesterday afternoon.
Yeah, I still had them.
Been wanting to post them back to him, but he kept refusing to give me his address, insisting that he wanted to pick them up himself.
Oh well, that's done.

I stopped blogging in my private blog for quite some time now.
I did not feel like sharing it anymore. My private thoughts would be, well for my eyes only. :p
But, around the middle of last month, I had set up my very own wedding/bridezilla blog to document my wedding preparations and made sure I am doing all the right things.
I have kept it private because I did not think anyone would be even slightly interested to read all that nonsense. Hehe.
But if anyone of you happen to be curious about what's going on in that other blog of mine, do drop me your email addresses ok ? :)
I might make it public soon though.

Argh, my eye hurts.

I have this sudden crave for Nasi Kukus.



basikal.tua said...

nak jugak..

eYe-d4 said...

i pun ade wedding blog
do blogwalking..

Ayu Firzara said...

nak tengok!!!!
Lisa, my blog url dah tukar tau.
add "ayu" kat depan tu.

Ok takecare dear..

atia said...

melissa, nak jugak..tehehe.
ala, publickan la ur blog tuh..
bole melawat
such an inspiration wedding blog..

Melissa said...

Sugar pie: Invited ! ;)

Aida: Thanks ! :)

Ayu: Hee. Noted. :)
I'll send an invitation ok. :)

Melissa said...

Atia: Hehe segan lah nak make public. :p

Gan said...

Me, me!

Melissa said...

Haha. Invited !
I must warn you that it's a bit boring. :p