Wednesday, July 15, 2009

where i am.

All of a sudden the two of them were in my room.
Talking so loud about how they have been looking for me all this while.
I was lying on my bed pretending to be sleeping with my pillow on my face.
One of them pushed the pillow off my face.
But, neither of them tried to wake me up. All they did was babbled on and on. Argh, irritating.
Then, I got a call confirming my results and the sad fact I am gonna have to stay in this phase a little longer.

That was one WEIRD dream.

So will you be able to look back proudly at how many fibs you have told ?



basikal.tua said...

are u ok hun?
take care tau..
jgn smpi kena apa yg i kena..


Felicia said...

wait - so the call was in the dream?

Melissa said...

Sugar pie: Am ok dear, just sakit mata. :)

Feli: Yeah. But I have a funny feeling it will soon come true.

Ursula said...

What fibs?