Wednesday, July 01, 2009

saya anak malaysia.

I stopped by at Alamanda after work just now to get my moisturiser which I am seriously running low of.
Found it at the Guardian there but my visit was not a very pleasant one.
You see, queuing in front of me was a foreigner. I observed how she spoke to him in English so politely, telling him how much he had to pay and smiled as she said thank you after he paid.
When it was my turn it was like she morphed into someone else. She lost her smile, might have lost her voice too as she did not utter a single word to me. Not even to let me know how much I had to pay but of course I knew that from the display.
I looked at her and thanked her after paying, but still, no smile and no thank you. Not even a terima kasih.
So now there are different ways to treat locals and non-locals ?




honey bedazzled said...

hhahahahah perkara biasa kak mel! so annoying right!

zanariah said...

yeahh..wth..i just dun get this "over reaction towards foreigner" thingy..

Felicia said...

ya! so double standard.


Putri Ramlan said...

pffttt! i hate malaysian's retail sales girls mostly. sombong nak mati!

Anonymous said...

The service industry is shit in this country. There are some good ones but most are rubbish. The problem is more than just glorifying caucasions, there are even difference treatments for us malaysians. What do u call this? RACIST A$$H0L3S

Melissa said...

Ditto lah you all.
I don't get it, it's not that we're paying less for the stuff we're buying, right ?