Saturday, May 15, 2010

fit me.

It has been decided.

Instead of torturing myself just to fit in a couple of baju kurungs that refuse to make room for my ever expanding hips, I'm just gonna get myself a couple of cheap new ones for work.

Problem solved.
Well, almost.



basikal.tua said...

good for you !
i pun kena buat baju baru.. sbb dah terlebih lebih lebih kurus.. yikes..

Melissa said...

Bestnya terlebih kurus !
But you kurus sebab sakit ke ape ?

basikal.tua said...

oh noooo... sapa kata best darling..
org assumed i..
"putus cinta?" -- norp.
"tak makan?" -- makan.
"sakit?" -- sehat je..(err.. since h1n1 kot x naik2..)
n kurus i ni, kurus mcm org sakit.. dlu pun kurus jg tp kurus yg sehat!
ok dah merepek.

Melissa said...

Isk, ye ke. Try minum weight gain lah dear, or full cream milk every day ? It works for some people. :)