Saturday, July 03, 2010

i have a confession to make.

I weeped for more than an hour after Brazil lost last night. 

I'm not kidding you.


Ok bye.



Mohd Ahmad Ferk said...

jgn nanges2 oke..

mello said...

I'm bummed as heck that both Brazil and Argentina are out now... :( I don't care anymore who wins this World Cup. </3

Red Clutch said...

ha ha ha... luckily i'm a fan of underdog team... xcept for germany la... team lain sumua dah sayonara tapi dgn bermaruah.. tp Brazil & argentina nie.. mmg patut fan dia nangis... hehehe

Melissa said...

Mel, I'm still a bit consoled that Germany and Spain are still in. I don't mind if either one wins. But Brazil was the love of my life ! :(