Monday, July 12, 2010

viva la espana !

I have been following the World Cup avidly (read: watched almost every match) until Brazil lost.
After that, it all seemed so lackluster. Remember this ? Hehe.
But I had another two teams of choice (after Brazil, of course) which were Germany and Spain.
Germany snatched the third place, again. Congratulations to them.
And by now all of you would have known that SPAIN ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS !!!
So I am pretty content, ecstatic that Netherlands lost, because I hate them for no obvious reasons.
My Van Dort family, please forgive me, this has nothing to do with all of you. :)

Just in case some of you were curious, Van Dort is Mummy's side of my family. Mummy was Philomena Van Dort. ;)

Hooray for Spain, world champions for the first time !



Putri Ramlan said...

wow! tak sangka ure such a big fan! :D
go esp!! wohoo!

Melissa said...

Eh mesti lah ! Can't wait for 2014, Brazil tetap di hati. Hee. :D