Friday, October 01, 2010

hello october !

May you bring Mr Sunshine and I good tidings. Ameen.

But if you do not, I must remember to remind myself to always be grateful for all the blessings that I already have and that Allah SWT knows what's best for me.
I have realized that I have to prepare myself for the worst case scenario. But minta dijauhkan, Ameen.
I have to brace myself because I know for a fact there's no way any one of us can change how things are right now and I have no choice but have to break out of  my comfort zone and learn to adapt.

I feel bad for putting Mr Sunshine in a position in which he has to listen to my rants everyday for the past two weeks.
I can't believe it has ONLY been two weeks.

Note: This post is not pregnancy/baby related. :)



Putri Ramlan said...

"Note: This post is not pregnancy/baby related. :)"

I'm about to ask that actually. Fuh! Thank you for the note. :P

Semoga bulan baru memberi kita semua seribu satu rahmat. Amin.

Melissa said...


Ameen. :)