Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i need a good eye cream.

It's only Tuesday but I feel as though I have been working non-stop for weeks. Ok, so I'm exaggerating, but I am feeling extremely exhausted !

This is probably to be expected as I am entering my third trimester, Alhamdulillah.
The familiar exhaustion that I had to go through during my first trimester is coming back to haunt me. A good night's sleep is pretty difficult to get these days, not only because of my expanding belly, but also because I need to wake up to pee a few times throughout the whole night.

My tired eyes are making me look so old.

Maybe I shouldn't stay in front of my laptop for too long, eh ?

Ok bye.



JoeJane said...

memang pun. I tertidur banyak kali infront of PC at the hospital. imagine. Tgh buat keje pon leh tertidur. sbb xlena malam.

Melissa said...

Itu la ek, sometimes bgn pagi pun rasa tired dah. Hee.

sugarmouse said...

how bout giving skin food products a go? hehe, fyi i'm their marketing exec now. ;P

woman, there's NO WAY you could ever look haggard or yuck okay. you're just way too pretty, your genes would never allow it! *hugs*

Melissa said...

Ooooh, if only you could see me in person right now. Haggard is an understatement ! :p