Tuesday, June 28, 2011

it doesn't take much to make me happy.

This is a lazy post.

Mr. Sunshine, Marlene and I had the privilege to attend the beautiful wedding of Trevor & Judith last weekend. :)
It was definitely a night to remember and I was thrilled to be able to meet friends I haven't seen in almost a year  !

Didn't get to take a picture with both the bride and groom, but here's one with the gorgeous bride ! :)
Paul, Lene and I. :)

Sunshine ! :)
My beautiful sister.
With the ever so lovely Felicia ! :)

The whole family had steak at Uptown Damansara the night before. :)

With Cuppacakes for dessert !

THE BEST red velvet cupcake !

We stuffed ourselves and goofed around during lunch at Cozy House, Ampang Park.

I got to satisfy my cravings for Nando's when I met up with Diana for lunch. We're due exactly a month apart !

Mr. Sunshine was a happy man with his Subway sandwich. :)

Nothing beats having breakfast with my darling Annisa. :)

End of lazy post.



Anonymous said...

Awesome pics momma! I could tell Mini Mel was happy too! :D

Melissa said...

Thanks darling ! We would have been happier if we got to spend more time with you. :D

Anonymous said...

AWWW well there's always next time :) HUggies!

sugarmouse said...

i like the bride's dress (: (:

Melissa said...

Yes, the dress was simply beautiful ! :)