Thursday, May 17, 2012

of absence.

I don't get to sit down and write a whole blog post anymore these days. Usually, whenever I have an idea of what to write, I'll type it out on my phone. So I have bits and pieces of posts in my phone. When I finally decide it's high time I posted something, the updates are usually all basi already and I end up deleting everything !

There has been plenty going on since I last blogged.
I shall try to update ASAP.
Bye !



sgrmse. said...


i keep writing drafts and then saving them. after some time, they accumulate banyak-banyak then i feel like deleting them. i've got issues x__x also, surprise, surprise, i'm back. (much sooner than planned but oh well.)

Melissa said...

Kan ? We wouldn't wanna be posting hundreds of short posts per day, right ?

Oh that's good. Maybe we can finally meet !