Friday, April 18, 2008

that inconsiderate person.

Currently feeling: Tired
Currently listening to: 100 Years - Five For Fighting

I was just about to blog about how I think my odd sleeping hours is taking a toll on me, when I read that.



Fay said...

a cuppa would always help

Melissa said...

And thanks for dropping by.

syusyu said...

astrology sometimes mmg kena with our days hehehehe take care love muahss muahss

Melissa said...

Tu la coincidence kan, nak percaya dosa. hee. take care too hun ! hugs. muah muah !

fay said...

it could be psychological. u read the horoscope and u wntd it to be true.tiredness could be eother mental or physical(or both).look at me babbling bout as if i know what i'm typing about

Melissa said...

Haha no man, I get you. But there are times that coincidences like these really happen, kan ? =)
Mentally and physically tired, phew, tell me about it. =p