Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ultimate hunk list.

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After giving it much thought (haha), the ones who deserve to be on my five ultimate hunks list are:

No. 5
Paul Rudd
I have been crushing on him since I first watched Clueless, which was ages ago. (since I was 13 I think)

No. 4
Daniel Craig
Aahhh, my James Bond... *dreams away*

No. 3
Christian Bale
The best and the hottest/sexiest Batman, in my opinion.

No. 2
Channing Tatum
Have you seen this guy move ? And those eyes ! Sigh.

My numero uno ultimate hunk would be, none other than,

Chad Michael Murray.
I'm just soooo in love with him. No reason needed. Hee.

I tag Cheryl, Osya, Consuela , Alice, Hanna and anyone else who wants to do this. Hee. (Feli, I think you did something similar to this before, am I right ?)



Felicia said...

Great list! But where's WENTWORTH MILLER? Hahaha, omg Christian Bale is hotness and Channing Tatum, yummeh! But where is WWM?


Felicia said...

And yes, I did this one before. Sigh, the list hasn't changed much but I would love to do it again just for fun! ;)

Melissa said...

Hee, thanks.
WWM didn't get through the screening process. There are just too many to list down ! =p

Hanna The Belgariad said...

hahah..yeah i think i did something like this dah.. but i dont mind doing it again.. haha