Friday, January 11, 2008

some days you just feel stupid.

Currently feeling: Cold
Currently listening to: Don't Bring Me Down - Sia

Today witnessed me giving my worst presentation ever in my whole 6 years of being a pharmacy student.


Screw that.
It's a learning process, right ?

I never thought I was cut out to be in this line, anyway. I never wanted to be a pharmacist. I'm not as intelligent as others. I'm not as articulate as others. I'm not a fast learner.


Enough of self criticism la kan.
It won't do me any good.

But I do know one thing I can do.
Not as good as Mariah or Aguilera.
But good enough for me.
So, I'd be singing all my heartbreaks away for the rest of my life.

I love this song.



alice said...

u really can sing darlink... and ur sis too...fuhh.. teruja la juga...lets sing again...

Melissa said...

Hehe. Thanks hun. U pun apa kurangnya. Again ? LET'S !! Heee.