Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 wrap up.

Don't worry, I'm in an okay mood right now, so this won't be another 'emo' post. Hehe. :p
In about a day's time we'd be ushering in the year 2011 !
Alhamdulillah, I can say that 2010 has been a good year albeit it having some minor setbacks.
Since I am in such good spirits tonight I'm gonna list down a summary of my happenings in 2010. :D
  1. The highlight of the year for me is of course my marriage to the most awesome husband a woman can ever ask for ! (Ini bukan bodek ye. Hehe.) Alhamdulillah. Mr Sunshine's wonderful family who welcomed me into their family with open arms is a true blessing for me. Alhamdulillah. :D
  2. Mr Sunshine and I went for our first honeymoon in Langkawi this year. It was an unforgettable trip ! Reminiscing about it still gives me butterlies in my tummy. *blushes*
  3. I have gained 4 kilograms since I got hitched ! But Mr Sunshine says I'm "tetap comel !". Haha.
  4. My family came to visit Mr Sunshine and I here in Terengganu in February and we had a blast !
  5. Dealt with a few health issues of my own. 
  6. Marc graduated, was a management trainee for half a year and is now a working man ! Alhamdulillah. :)
  7. I turned 26 this year and Mr Sunshine surprised me with something I have always wanted ! We also made time for a short but fun trip to Genting, Kuantan and Cherating for my birthday ! ;D
  8. Got roasted
  9. Mr Sunshine and I enjoyed the company of my in-laws when they came over in June. :D
  10. Cried like a baby when Brazil lost to the Netherlands during the World Cup ! Argh, I'm still so tak puas hati !
  11. Had the best weekend ever !
  12. Lost a friend.
  13. Made a few new ones. Hello Mel ! Hello Eka ! *waves frantically*
  14. I got confirmed this year too. Alhamdulillah. 
  15. Gobbled up almost all of our delicious Raya cookies before Raya. Hehe.
  16. Mr Sunshine and I celebrated our first Raya as husband and wife and boy, it was an amazing experience. :)
  17. Watched a movie at the Terengganu's first TGVcineplex, in Mesra Mall, Kerteh which just opened the week before. :D
  18. I had a hard time accepting the fact that Mr Sunshine and I were gonna have to stay here in Terengganu longer than I had expected to.
  19. Mr Sunshine turned 25 ! My gift for him was not as extravagant as his was for me, which made it not blog worthy. Sobs.
  20. Annisa and I went for a splendid mini getaway here in Terengganu. 
  21. Daddy was warded for a week due to pneumonia. :(
  22. And the latest good news, Lene passed her driving examination yesterday !! Yay !
Whether good or bad, I am grateful for everything that I have been blessed with, this year. Alhamdulillah.
As for resolutions, since I successfully achieved my ONLY resolution I made for this year (haha), I am gonna go ahead and make one for next year.
For 2011, I want to BE A BETTER CLINICAL PHARMACIST, which means I have to pull up my socks and stop making excuses for myself.
All this while, I have actually been stressing over my own incompetency (and laziness). Sad, but true.
Let's see how it goes next year, eh ? InshaAllah.

What are your 2011 resolutions ?

Since New Year's Day is not a public holiday for us here in Terengganu, and I will be working this weekend ( and on January 1st), Mr Sunshine and I will be celebrating the new year in our humble abode, just the two of us. InshaAllah. :)

Have a good weekend everyone ! :D



Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you and all your loved ones "Gayu guru, gerai nyamai" in 2011.

sugarmouse said...

wow you're quick! i'm only gonna work on my "tribute to 2010" post tonight :P

looks like this year wasn't too hard on most. i'd say the biggest (and best) thing would be getting married so KUDOS YOU for taking that big leap :D :D :D hope you and your Mr. Sunshine stay happy together forever ever and ever after!

oh and, HELLO BACK! *maniac wave*
it was awesome getting to know you. random as it may be... i'm glad for that first time i stumbled upon your blog. happy new year's eve, dear. may 2011 be a year filled of happy surprises and miracles ♥

Felicia said...

You missed one. ;)


venusfreedom said...

melissa. reading at no 14 makes me excited..but when i clicked, rupe2 kerja..very cliched tau!

take care dear:)-nana

Melissa said...

Anonymous: I had to google that ! Hehe, same to you ! ;D

Sugarmouse: Thank you thank you ! It's special random people like you who make my days a little more meaningful. :)

Feli: Did I ? Hehe. ;) Love you too sayang !

Nana: Hahaha, at least I got you excited for a bit eh ? Hehe. Take care too dear ! ;)